Jesus Told Buddhist I LOVE YOU During His Near Death Experience

Jesus Told Buddhist I LOVE YOU During His Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience visitor 559 is Pastor Steve Kang. He is a previous Buddhist who had a NDE in 1998. Throughout his NDE experience he went to hell and he also heard the voice of Jesus. Pastor Steve Kang is married to Goeun and graduated from Talbot Seminary in 2008. He was saved from a near death incident in 1998 by the grace of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and has been serving as total-time and now bi-vocational pastor for the following era for the past 20 years. He is known as to make disciples and plant churches and bringing the missing back again house as nicely. He performs in IT and speaks on a regular basis for the future technology on revival and discipleship. He is a former 1st LT USAR Chaplain and church planter with the Southern Baptist Conference.

Pastor Steve’s Site

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  1. I respect this man's experience but I'm a little unsettled with the strong Christian talk. Truth can be found in any religion. Clearly for him Buddhism did not give him the peace it gives so many. That is reflected in that horror story he gave in the beginning. It seems to me his lifestyle of drugs and attempt to go back even after his nde shows me someone who isn't really seeing the whole picture. I am glad Christianity was the way for him to find it but it doesn't necessarily mean everyone should follow this path. At the same time, Christianity can give so much peace to many people who are looking for it, so I am glad he is doing good work now.

  2. I believe wholeheartedly that spirit shows you what you need to see and it’s personal, customized to what you can handle and what would support you. Maybe this man’s higher soul needed the construct of what Christianity can provide. I don’t think it should take away from the timeless wisdom of Buddhism or any other religion. This man needed the structure his consciousness could learn from. Nothing more or less.

  3. Buddhism explains alot of the questions he had so I was a bit surprised that he didn't seem to realize that. One thing I can say about "equality" (some suffer greatly in life as others may not) is that, apart from karma, reincarnation, duality: we can live in hell right here like we can live in a heavenly state of being right here on earth.
    "Know thyself", let go of ego, selfishness, greed, lust for human desires. We are living on an earthly plane and made our own problems (hell); we have to do our best to help ourselves and the less fortunate — life is hard.

  4. This did NOT happen. Or, if it did, it was influenced by the MANY drugs he was on. Buddhism has NOTHING to do with ritual suicide. That whole thing with his grandfather telling him to kill himself? NOTHING to do with Buddhism.

    Also, there is no right or wrong religion in the afterlife. One’s religion does not matter. That whole thing where Jesus supposedly told him to leave Buddhism and be a Christian did not happen. He was high as a space station and he had a bad trip. That is all. Notice there was no tunnel and no live review. Just demons and Jesus telling him to stop being a Buddhist. This was a bad trip and nothing more. Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad he got his life together, but the slander against Buddhism was not necessary.

  5. Jeff I've watched a lot of your videos and at first it seemed really corny, but one thing I've noticed is that for the most part you just interview people and let them tell their stories. It's odd that in a society where everyone seems to have an agenda all the time, the guy that doesn't seem corny. Well, I was wrong. Not only was I wrong about that, but now I'm seeing the huge utility that your work has for society. So many people getting to tell their stories without any spin IS going to have an effect on people consciousness. Thank you for your service!