Jesus Said IT'S NOT HIS TIME During His Near Death Experience

Jesus Said IT'S NOT HIS TIME During His Near Death Experience

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Podcast guest 224 is Shane Carter. When he was 21 he experienced a near death experience. All through his nde experience he encountered Jesus and an Angel. Shane is the writer of the e-book Untying the Mystery: The Working day Of Our Lord.

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  1. Praying for Chelsea. God has been good to allow us to be in reach of medicines, people take them for granted but each time one is discovered- it wasn't man alone that conceived of it. All are small miracles, and a blessing when we can be within reach of them.

  2. Jeff, thank you for allowing your NDE guests to tell their stories without interruptions. Each time I listen to one of your guests, it broadens my knowledge about NDE’s. Have you heard about Kenny Vaughan’s extraordinary OBE? It’s a story about faith in the midst of horrific violence. Kenny Vaughan was shot 20 times in 1995 by a former neighbor and had an out-of-body experience. He felt like he was 15 feet away watching his physical body fight for survival. He asked the Lord not to let the bullets hit him in his heart or head. His wife Fran Vaughan prayed to Jesus to save her husband’s life.

  3. I don't mind a religious interpretation of an NDE. However, the most problematic NDErs are those that think they have some new authority because their NDE and start preaching their interpretation as though it applies to everyone. Some go off the rails and are kicked out of their churches.

    It's more common for NDErs to loose faith in their religion from their NDE and embrace a more universal perspective. Many Christians and others embrace reincarnation as a result of their NDEs. For those looking for some kind of truth from NDEs, I recommend looking at the common elements reported by people with diverse backgrounds. Be skeptical of those whose views have not been changed by their NDE.

    It's interesting that so many Christians are reveling in Shane's report because it supports their views. I hope they will listen to a diversity of reports posted by Jeff Mara and others.

  4. I agree with your viewers . You are such a good listener and so respectful to your Guest speakers . I have had experiences like this Brother . Not NDE , but seeing Jesus with those eyes of LOVE ❣️ keep up the good work you are doing Jeff. People are being healed ♥️

  5. Jeff, I’m very curious to hear your take on everyone’s testimony of NDE’s. You seem like you would have some insights into the afterlife after hearing these stories and the research you’ve probably done. Have you ever considered making a video with just you answering questions or talking about what you believe and your experiences?

  6. I am listening to this gentleman; and as he's speaking, I'm thinking "What a sincere, honest person!". I have heard that Jesus is the olive skin and beautiful blue-eyed person as he described. I love to hear Shane laugh. God chooses people like him because he is so believable and sincerely sweet. It's interesting how after his NDE, he found out what his gift was…interpreting dreams, visions, etc. I wonder if the "dark place" that he spoke of was the second Heaven? That's where the demons and Satan are. It's possible that God did encamp His angels around Shane and he was in the second Heaven and didn't know it…in other words, he was just aware of the "Dark place", but God protected him totally from demonic forces. I love how he's not afraid or embarrassed to share our Christian faith with Jeff and the viewing audience. I love how he cares about other people's souls and wants to take us with him. That's how I am too. I love how he rebuked the spirit of the demon when Chelsea got MS. People that have these NDE's never forget them. They remember them as if they just happened the day before. He verified all of this. I just ordered his book thru Amazon. No one knows the date of Jesus' Return! Maybe, some time that year…I don't know. I know one thing…I'M READY! I am fascinated by Shane.

  7. Where are all the men and women like Shane, not afraid to claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as Shane does. Because I trust Shane’s testimony by answering questions I had on reincarnation, for example (backing it up w Scripture), I’m buying his book.

  8. All the way up to the point of the Anti-Christ the story was good. The Anti-Christ means instead of Christ satan is the Anti-Christ that my friend is a fact. The center perdition means liable to die. Judas is up in heaven if you read acts chapter one. Judas had help Judas had help Hang in himself in himself they caught him from the belly button only for the ad in tackle. Because they didn't want him to tell the story about Jesus rose again. He gave back a 30 pieces of silver Which they bought the field outside a Jerusalem the Potter's field. You'd better go back and read you and study the word again if you're not getting it right Studied for many years with a scholar. In Hebrew aramic and Greek.

  9. This is my all-time favorite nde that's ever been on your podcast Jeff! I'm a Christian and everything he said makes absolute sense to me from my reading of the bible. I'm so glad that you have on the Christian perspective because it gives all of us the hope and the knowledge for the gospel. That if we have faith to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God that he came and died for each one of us and accept that by faith he comes in to indwell us with his holy spirit it's that simple! Oh we have to do is to pray and ask him to come in surrender our life to him and then start reading the bible.! I don't know if anyone else recalls but there was another gentleman on Jeff's podcast which I think was titled explaining the mysteries of the bible. And he also said that from all of his studies he believes that Christ is returning around 2032 or 2033!! I want to thank you for coming on and sharing your experience, you hit it out of the park and I'm going to turn into your church services so that I can see you play the guitar and hear your pastor. I'm also glad that you set the record straight on reincarnation.