Jesus Gave Her A Choice During Near Death Experience

Jesus Gave Her A Choice During Near Death Experience

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Podcast guest 500 is Derry Bresee. All through Derry’s near-death experience she went to a gorgeous garden. Also in the course of her NDE experience she encountered Jesus.

Derry’s Poetry

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  1. A woman who died said that painting is what God looks like jesus looks like the 3d image of the shroud of turin but his hair is darker and he has brown eyes he is tanned slim also, I seen jesus as a teenager and he had long dark hair and brown eyes and dark skin he had the marks of the cross on his hands which he showed me and he was beautiful and powerful.

  2. Jeff, you are truly gifted. You know what questions to ask to help the guests get their story out. Bless you Derry for sharing your experience.
    The painting was done by Akiane, I believe is who Derry is referring to. It was also featured in the movie "Heaven is for real".

  3. Beautiful soul! Ex husband sounds like a real pice of work, leaving her with a brain injury like that. She's so good natured though! Makes me wonder … if the life reviews are tied up with how other people feel in response to your behavior, do you get off the hook if you are dealing with chill, amiable people? And what if you are dealing with a rage-aholic? Hmmmmm….

  4. Jeff my man u never disappoint i have a lot of respect for u cause u treat each guest with respect and u are truly sincere in the interview with ur guest keep up the awesome work brother ur video have made me live my life more fully and love everyone thank u for that i am a better person from what i was before

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  6. Thank you darling for sharing your story , when I listen to certain NDEs I can feel the love from them . Her NDE radiates love. When she mentioned Jesus and thr garden my eyes filled with tears.
    I would love to meet Jesus when it's my time

    Thank you Jeff so much xx

  7. I was in that same garden I know exactly what she's talking about the leaf's were big and the color of them it hard to explain they looked like they were glowing with little bits of glittery looking water dripping off them and the water fall looks the same way blue velvet with a glitter glow mixed with bright white colors sparkling like in between the blue Waves it also had what look like spot lights beaming down on Jesus and myself in this garden I didn't want to leave there for nothing thank you for sharing that it bought me right back to that garden

  8. What a beautiful human Derry is! Even with her brain injury Derry did an amazing job recollecting her NDE. Jeff, I have listened to so many of your interviews now. Your interview style is always patient, kind, loving, inquisitive and done with immense grace. You have a knack for really listening and asking questions that another might not think to ask. Bravo!!!

  9. I find this one thing odd… his eyes. I saw Jesus in 1979 and his eyes were brown. When I saw Akiane's painting I thought "nope"… akiane actually said she had made them that colour for fun (she was 8). This ladies story is similiar to mine though. 18 Feb 1999 I had a NDE and Jesus gave me a choice "its ok if you want to die now or you can choose to live" …I wrote my story "Discovering an Artist" its on amazon or through me.

  10. Jeff, to answer your question about doing genealogy at temples… yes, many Mormon church buildings have a Geneology library, and the resources there are open to anyone (member or not) to do research. most of them are only open on one night a week, because they are staffed by volunteers. but they have people there who help with learning how to gather information about your ancestors. its not at temples, its at "normal" church buildings. If you show up at a temple looking to do genealogy research, they will likely send you to a visitor area to answer questions, and then send you on your way.