Jesus Confirms the Existence of Aliens to An American

Jesus Confirms the Existence of Aliens to An American

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  1. About the aliens part, so the beings from other planets come here too after they die. Wow. What fun God has creating also these good for nothing beings and watching the drama from heaven then making us bow down for the praises he needs.
    He created us for his entertainment, putting us through suffering and pain and even justifying it.
    He shouldn't have created souls in the first place. I know if he didn't he would get bored with nothing in the heavens to play with. He would be alone there, just for his selfish entertainment he created horror.

  2. God gave me the revelation that yes He can give people new revelations about Himself, Heaven and the age to come if they seek Him but he also revealed that any revelation that goes against His written Word is not of Him and is a lie. So we got to be careful we cant put God in a box and say He can not reveal new things never written in His Word but at the same time we have to weight and pray about it with a heart that is nuetral and wants the truth and any revelation that goes against his written Word can not be Him because God will not goes againts his own nature or character that he has already revealed in His written Word. Howard said that he believed after we die if we are gathered by God and his Angels we do not come back to this world again but instead go to other worlds where we will continue to spiritual grow and mature. He said us coming back to the world would be like sending a child back to day care over and over. But God revealed in His Word that he Will create a new Heaven and Earth and when Jesus returns with his Saints and Angels they are coming to this world not being raptured into other worlds or universes. Howard also talks and speaks of collective consciencenous which I have many doubts about. Thus his revelation that he claimed Jesus told HIm goes against with the Holy Spirit already revealed in his Written Word and should not be trusted. leave this teaching and this man ;message. there is deception in it.

  3. You all might really want to examine the teachings of Ti and Do who were the return of the Father and Jesus (in a new body) and seen by the world as the Heaven's Gate cult. Some of what you have said I can confirm but much is not accurate but don't take offense in my saying that – see what Ti and Do taught and then judge for yourself whether you want to embrace the updates they brought.

  4. Thank you Howard Storm for being brave enough to reveal things that I always suspected existed. People want the Bible to reveal every little detail and question which is not the purpose of the Bible. I have read your book and it is excellent. I reread it occasionally and it makes a lot of sense.

  5. He possibly did't make this up. It is just vision of demons and they can claim to be Jeesus aswell. They are just feeding him what he waned to hear. If you want to know the truth this is not what Jeesus would tell you. It is not in the word of God either.

  6. I thought Howard Storm said that the Jesus of the Bible saved him from the pit of hell. What is this NONSENSE he's yapping now about other world and jesus (small j) having saved other beings on other planets by only accepting the truth or whatever?? What happened to "By His stripes we are headed, what happened to Jesus shedding His most precious blood on that cross for us?" Smh! Howard, please get back to the Biblical Jesus Christ before you cross the veil and it's too late.. #Blasphemy with a pinch of new age NONSENSE##

  7. An angel of light has clearly deceived this guy. God did not send Jesus to die multiple times on multiple planets. He and we are made in HIS image, therefore other "alien" creatures ARE NOT from God. Total deception here, don't believe it.

  8. What a load of crap, there is NO God, NO Heaven, NO Hell! NO Aliens, NO other inhabitant worlds..NOTHING!! Since time began NOBODY has ever shown any proof of anything in the bible that is true… NOBODY!! Even nowadays there are many "religious scholars", and even some Pope's have recanted what they first said about the creation of our world. And this "billions of years" when this world was created, where the hell did they com up with that number. Just look at how humans have progressed in just one thousand years, imagine what we could have achieved in a billions years. It's all a con game thought up by conmen about five thousand years ago. There is NO concrete proof of any of it.

  9. Ummmm, the Bible teaches a domed flat earth. That means there can't be other planets with aliens. I'm afraid that most of this information is not coming from God. Jesus Christ is the son of God. What he did finished it for everyone. You're getting your information from somewhere other than God.

  10. You can tell this guy is full of it, he looks like he's just making shit up as he goes along. If other worlds existed the bible would've mentioned it, Jesus would've spoken about it. Fallen angels have a purpose and thats deceiving the world so they can one day show up and make us think they're the ones coming to save us instead of Jesus. People don't let your hearts be deceived so easily.

  11. Nonsense. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Nothing about those living somewhere else without sin. They are demons. This guy is nuts and if you believe him, you are nuts as well.

  12. Wow! Scary comments down below! Anything that doesn't fit someone's mind set, or is unknown, is immediately called Satan! We're still in inquisition times, then! Instead of keeping an open mind, though tempered by caution (as Jesus teached…), here we go directly to judge&jury. Well evolved, folks! Well listened to Jesus' teachings! You would be the ones to throw the first stone…

  13. The fathers creation is under the firmament as is written, heavenly realm above, hell below, the earth creation is a contained space, waters above, waters below, stars fixed into the firmament, the two great lights, the sun being the greater light the moon being the lesset light, go back to Genesis, we are not from monkeys on a spinning ball… Gen 1:6 And God said, let there be a FIRMAMENT in the MIDST of the WATERS, and let it divide the WATERS from the WATERS.

  14. Howard Storm is clearly a false teacher. What he says contradicts the Bible. And he is implying in "other worlds," people have chosen GOOD. Do you know what that means? It means those other worlds wouldn't experience death, since the wages of sin are death. Yet he says there are different levels of Heaven for all the different people from different worlds, so why are people from different worlds who choose good in other worlds dying and going to heaven if they didn't commit sin in the first place to warrant death?

    Matthew 7:15

    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

  15. I wish this simple minded man had thought to ask if aliens are here abducting humans for nefarious reasons or this is the work of demons. The secrets of the universe were revealed to a sweet man who doesn't seem very bright.

  16. It's really a hard to figure this all out. First and foremost, I believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ. I believe He died for our sins. I believe He is our salvation. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    But I've always enjoyed listening to UFO stories. And when you actually do some research, some of these UFO stories are VERY compelling. Roswell, Zimbabwe 1994, Westfall 1966?, Travis Walton story, and many others.

    Now many of the Christian faith would say aliens are demonic. My first reply is, show me in the scripture. And then they would say, "aliens aren't mentioned in the Bible", and I would reply "neither are automobiles, airplanes, nuclear power plants, hot air ballons, etc" but we know they exist. So far, from the UFO stories that I believe are true, I don't see aliens doing anything demonic. Like in the Roswell situation, from the story i read the only live alien was fearful for his life when the military showed up. Also, the other aliens were dead. If they're demons then how are they dead? In the Zimbabwe story, the children said they saw 2 aliens and they were very close to them. And that the aliens talked to them telepathically and warned them that technology is not a good thing and that we need to do better taking care of world/environment, which to me doesn't sound evil at all. This may sound very corny or ridiculous coming from me, but watch The Phenomenon on Amazon. The last 17 minutes talks about this UFO encounter. It's very interesting to listen to.

    Needless to say, I feel strongly that we're not alone in this universe. I think God has created more than just us, and God is their creator as well and they worship Him. I do however believe that just like we don't all worship God here on earth, not all aliens do either. I think maybe some aliens have rejected God. That's the concerning part. Especially as we near the last days. What role will they play if any?