Jeff Long – Near-Death Experiences: Evidence of the Afterlife

Jeff Long – Near-Death Experiences: Evidence of the Afterlife

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Jeffrey Long — web site

Presented at the IANDS 2010 Conference, Sept. 2-4, in Denver, CO

Abstract: Six hundred thirteen sequentially shared near-death experiences were reviewed. All NDEs had an NDE Scale score of seven or higher. Nine lines of evidence were found that point to the conclusion that NDE is a real experience of profound significance and meaning, and also provides evidence of life after death.

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  1. i am an atheist but only towards organized faith based religion , i am very willing to entertain some amount of magical thinking towards the thought of a pure conscious being the driver of physical existence , now allot of these nde,s seem incredibly similar to dmt trips , i wonder if there are studies of indigenous dmt releases during the nde ? not to miss the point i am fascinated by the prospect of nde being as real as it seems to be , it is very simple not complex , i hope to come to understand on some sunny day but for now i don,t know and i have a fleeting minute to do my mission or whatever work i should be doing ?

  2. CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE 180+ different people tell how they "died" (temporarily) and were then revived. They tell us the similar, amazing, wonderful things that happened to them while they were dead! The 180+ short videos in this playlist will cause YOU to believe that your life will continue after death—-IF YOU WATCH ENOUGH OF THEM! Belief in life after death is not supported by science and is not obvious to a thinking person. We have not discovered any other life in the universe. The vast blackness of space appears cold and forbidding. We grow old and helpless as life slips from our grasp, but these NDEs give us REAL EVIDENCE that our lives will go on. After watching all of these, I have lost my fear of death and gained confidence that life after death is real and wonderful!

  3. For those clinging to a skeptical view point consider this: If you came from a place where France was only a rumor and no one in that place knew of any meaningful details of France and you sent 1,000 people to random locations in that region that you suspected was France what would come of it? Well, each of those 1,000 people would return with a unique tale to tell. Now, let say 80 of these 1,000 people returned claiming to have seen a very large structure and each among them drew a sketch of the Eiffel Tower you could be absolutely certain of one thing – that tower exists in France. The skeptic would say "Not necessarily, 920 people saw no such thing" …. the problem with the skeptic's view in this is that whether 920 people saw it or did not 80 (only 8%) did see it and their renditions of what they saw are strikingly similar, similar to the point that any argument as it its existence cannot be not be developed and supported by a reasonable mind. This is the foundational argument for NDEs as a factual and real event. You can argue with this person or that person but if you argue with 3,000 people about what they did or did not see your argument is wholly and totally wrong. Keep in mind: I am not suggesting that the interpretation of these events is accurate, but that the event did actually occur.

  4. @qwyzl I don't believe that he is pushing a Christian agenda.  Christians promote the concept of hell where as he cautiously spoke on hellish experience as 'need to do more research' due to other reasonable explanations which could lead people to have that experience.   

  5. this is what 1 man says. & he's approaching it from a decidedly "christian" point of view. so I must disagree. while I believe in the possibility of consciousness going on, it doesn't have 2 follow that gods – any 1's gods – must be involved. I don't believe there are gods. but I do think that intangible thing we call "life" may go on after the body dies. the only way we'll know what happens is if consciousness does go on – as 2 the particulars of the "after life" – that would remain 2 be seen.

  6. In my studies I have stumbled onto the writing of E. Swedenborg (d.1772) he says: "it follows that there are marriages in heaven as well as on the earth. Marriages in heaven differ widely from marriages on the earth. Marriage in heaven is a conjunction of two into one mind. Every society in heaven consists of those who are alike. Like are brought together not by themselves but by the Lord. They also have marriage feasts… It's a whole book entitled "Conjugial Love" that can be read online.

  7. i'm wondering if this guy isn't a "christian" trying 2 push his agenda. he speaks of a god; & it sounds 2 me like he very definitely means the middle eastern desert god – not zeus, not odin, etc. & the fact he makes cracks about atheists leaves me with a bit of doubt about his intentions. not only is taking pot shots at other ppl unprofessional, but it also makes 1 look petty & small – & it makes me wonder if he isn't pushing his own beliefs in the guise of talking about near death experiences.

  8. may be there would be no need of "romantic" relationships after death – assuming consciousness does in deed go on – be cause the purpose of "romance" is ultimately for the production of children – new people to replace the people who came be fore. may be after people die, they still maintain a bond with those they had a romantic relationship with, but may be that bond changes some how, as there's no longer a need to have a physical relationship for the purposes of reproduction.