Is There Judgement on the Other Side? | Dennis Bullock Near Death Experience Part 2

Is There Judgement on the Other Side? | Dennis Bullock Near Death Experience Part 2

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Is There Judgement on the Other Side? | Dennis Bullock Near Death Experience Element 2

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This is section 2 of Dennis Bullock’s Near Death Experience story!
Here is the backlink to portion 1:

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  1. I'm so glad I listened to this tonight. It helps with decisions made each day. Chose joy. I am hearing also from Jesus that the earth is going to change frequency and that is in progress, so hearing this here too is great.

    PAPERLESS SO THEY CAN MORE COMPLETLY CONTROL THINGS HERE? ( CHIPS BEING IMPLANTED IN PEOPLE FOR MORE SURVALIENCE ETC… reminds me of the mark of the beast Revelations chapter 13 … )? do you have a sense that that's where the world is heading? thanks , Alex

  3. I think every soul that comes here, is not new to being here & while there are babies & children, it seems their souls are all knowing & more adult souls in a babie’s or child’s body. I love hearing him share this wisdom!

  4. THIS IS THE PURE TRUTH ! I also don`t like religion, I think is has been writen to manipulate masses.Thanks Dennis for sharing , and above all , is all making perfect sense.I fully agree that we ALL ONE.We are LOVE , we are KINDNESS, we are all HUMBLE ! Thanks for sharing and have a good "game" 😀 Love for you ALL !

  5. I like the fact that he used the word – ALL. The Bible is a text which leans toward universalism. There is this myth that there is Christian universalism, but the word CHRISTIAN was only mentioned three times in the new testament. Nowhere did believers in Christ or the apostles referred themselves as Christians, They were referred to as believers. The biblical narrative is our mankind's history, but redemption (salvation), sin death, law, and baptism was the eschatological theme of the passing of the old covenant age to a new covenant age – the new heaven and earth. So, ALL who were in Adam, were the same ALL who were in Christ, the last Adam. They all had to die to the Adam (the first creation) and rise to the Last Adam – the new creation. Believers were the first fruits because they were bringing in the harvest (unbelieving Isreal). All Isreal was saved. ALL today including everyone from Adam to the present time are ALL who are born into the new heaven and earth, the new creation. We all are one with God and he is the source of our identity.

  6. There are judgmental spirits. I experienced one actually. If you want to say I'm delusional or blind to the truth that's your prerogative. But I did experience what I experienced and there was a spirit that judged me for my past conduct and he's attached himself to me since that point about four years ago.

  7. I just found your channel Omg love it would like to get Dennis bullock email! Love this channel, I never believed in hell only because he is a living god why would he burn his children for eternity ?? What I’d like to know is what happens to the murders did they plan this ?? Can u get Dennis on your show again !! Thank u for this channel I’ve been watching all spiritual channels but found this one the best

  8. OMG, this is why some days I feel completely off kilter and floopy then the next day I feel fine. And I am perfectly healthy. I so agree with everything you say. This is one of the best NDE's I have ever heard.

  9. I really loved your story ! I was like that when my mom died ,I was crying for a year. So hope to find you on Facebook or here on you tube so you can tell us more about our love ones who passed or about Earth rising. Thank you ! Melissa love your chanel, gives me so much love and joy!