Is There a Spiritual Significance to the Pandemic? |Fireside Chat w Near Death Experiencers #1 Part2

Is There a Spiritual Significance to the Pandemic? |Fireside Chat w Near Death Experiencers #1 Part2

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Is There a Spiritual Importance to the Pandemic? |Fireside Chat w Near Death Experiencers #1 Component2

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This is Element 2 of our Initial Hearth CHAT! Nowadays we are joined by Dianne Sherman, Sarah Snow, Peter Panagore, and Howard Storm!
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    This NDE testimony will give you valuable insight that you will not get from any other NDE video. This man witnessed people coming into hell and being greeted with a fake heavenly experience to start them out. In cases like these when a person comes back without seeing more they may think they were in heaven.

  2. Why should people be so afraid of death that they r willing other people die from hunger, lose their job etc so they can live (we know that this "vaccine" does not prevent u from getting C19 anyway). I thought the first thing NDEs teach us is to not be afraid of death?

  3. Johann Sebastian Bach often wrote on his music "Soli Deo Gloria" ("to God alone be glory"). His music is mathematically so complex that I have always believed that he took dictation from God. Bach's music is Trinitarian — it contains Spirit (often based on German Lutheran chorales or other theological motifs), Mind (all of Bach's music is in a musical form/structure based on dances of his era and all the musical structures that existed in Western music to and through his day), and Body (his music presents technical problems to be solved by the player), all of which is in perfect balance suggesting the Oneness.

  4. It would be interesting if Melissa could have the ex-atheist Lee Strobel (author of
    "The case for Heaven" ) and the ex-agnostic scholars Gary Habermas and J.P. Moreland (authors of "Beyond Death: Exploring the Evidence for Immortality" ) on to talk about NDEs, the afterlife and the evidence surrounding them.

    The most convincing evidence for NDEs are the external evidence. Not all NDEs have them, but some do.

    One example is when a patient saw a special tennis-shoe at the top of the hospital´s roof-top during the patient´s out-of-body experience. When they checked at the roof-top, the saw that the tennis-shoe really was there.

    This provides corroboration that the event happened – for real.

  5. I love what Sarah said about Truth burning. I believe in ascension from the perspective I've read in Dolores Cannon's books. I've also always wondered what the flaming sword meant in the Bible. It makes sense to me now. Truth burns away everything untrue. We cannot ascend with anything untrue within us.

  6. Regarding the science discussion, science is a reflection of our physical state desperately seeking the understanding of our physical world and how that emanates from God. Once we are joined back to the spiritual realm (heaven) we don’t need science because we have full consciousness unified with God. The practice of science is a physical gift to us but we have to be cautious because overall to Diane’s point, everything IS alright. We can’t give up current love and peace out of fear of the future and what we don’t yet know. Climate change is real but God controls the course of time and does not ask us to suffer out of fear of change.

  7. Thank you for this video. I always love your channel and your perspective. I also love hearing you talk about a course in miracles and also I love when you have your children share their thoughts. Have a great day! Love and peace! Ruth

  8. Jesus is IT! Covid is real, at least in England. There’s a lot of money attached to these people. I wish I never wasted my money on Howard Storms scare fest. I hate Howard Storms thing of Hell, is it like that, because Ian McCormacks thing. Peter didn’t go to Howard’s Hell, so who’s right?

  9. Hi Melissa. Quick question if you don't mind: In the 53rd book of Isaiah, it speaks about it "pleased God to bruise his own son ( to crush him, ECT, ECT, ECT. Was wondering your take on that scripture? THANKS

  10. I love science but do not agree that all scientists are working from Gods love. The scientists and medical professionals blatantly pushing false science during this plandemic are not working from God. They have abandoned God and are doing Satans work. The truth is emerging as you all have said that truth & good prevails but in the meantime millions are being maimed and killed via various “medications” and enforced government lead sanctions. Those of us choosing truth, choosing to trust God and our God given bodies are being persecuted horrendously.
    Pharmaceuticals are a dangerous thing. When we as a society put pharmaceuticals before Gods given treatments (homeopathy) we allowed greed driven scientists to keep us in a state of addiction to pharmaceuticals. The good scientists that discover treatments & cures that work quickly & cheaply are ousted. We need to go back to using homeopathy first & science derived pharmaceuticals as a very last resort.
    False science has been used and debunked for years to push the fear of global warming whilst chemicals & trash are being released into our seas etc which is causing problems with wildlife. We have very substantiated science that proves we have nothing to fear but bad science is used to keep people in fear. God gave us plants and animals to eat but these scientists are telling us that eating animals is killing the Earth whilst tens of thousands of hectares of land is being stripped of wildlife and poisoned by chemicals to grow the grains, beans, lentils, vegetables and fruits they want to push us into eating to save the Earth. My heart and head hurt from hearing the lies spouted by evil scientists.

  11. Let me first say I really have appreciated Howard Storm's interviews over the years. I don't agree with his conflation of loving God and having a specific interpretation of scientific facts that happens to align with one political side. There is plenty of healthy debate to be had about medical treatments for viruses and the proper diagnosis and solutions for changes in the environment. Regardless of which side of the debate you fall on I don't think it has anything to do with whether you love God or not.