Introduction to Near-Death Experiences with retired Army Colonel.

Introduction to Near-Death Experiences with retired Army Colonel.

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Retired Army Colonel Diane Corcoran, RN, PhD, and Debbie James, RN, PhD, provide general information about Near-Death Experiences. This includes the incidence of near death experiencers, the main features of these experiences, and the typical after-effects.

Diane Corcoran has been involved in teaching healthcare professionals about NDEs for over forty years. Dr. Corcoran is a retired Colonel in the Army Nurse Corps and served several years as the President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies.

(Source: IANDS Conference 2014)

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  1. I have always felt~ off balance(?) when dealing with peers. I have always felt like a square peg trying to fit into a world of round holes.

    I just listened to one of Dr Corcoran's You Tube lectures, and suddenly, like having shutters taken from my eyes~I can see, and now can make sense of so many small things. I knew all of what I'm about to convey; had heard both my Auntie and my Mother tell the story but it didn't seem important until I heard her video;

    I was born in April 1961. I was the fourth child born (5th pregnancy, Mom lost the child between my next elder brother and myself (I only found that out about 2 months before my father died that there had been a {fifth or sixth month} miscarriage about 18 months before my birth), and my Mother had had a terrible pregnancy carrying me. She had had an emergency appendectomy only two and a half weeks before my birth. I was born about six months and ten days after I was conceived, after an 18 hour labor, as I was delivered, my mother went into (some sort of medical distress) the doctor on duty was totally involved with saving my mother. The attending nurse happened to be my Mother's first cousin, Caroline~ nicknamed Tommy from childhood. I was small enough that my head and body was no larger than a person's hand (I do not know what my birth weight was but I have been told that I was the smallest premee, excepting a set of seven month twins, to have been born and survive in that hospital to that date). I had started breathing at birth, but about a minute later I stopped breathing and my heart stopped. Not knowing what else to do; the doctor being very busy saving my mother, Auntie Tommy held me in one hand and slapped my chest with the other. She once told me, "You were already dead, it wasn't like I could make you deader, but. I was surprised it worked."

    I responded. My heart restarted and I began to breath again.

    I spent the first two and a half months of my life in an incubator before being allowed to go home.

    To put it into reference; they have movies and photos from the day I came home, my four months older cousin was nearly three times bigger than I { I now stand half a head taller than he }.

    Before I was sent home my Mother had had a hysterectomy, it seems I had also had a womb-mate, a non-malignant tumor nearly as large as I at the time of my birth; the most reasonable supposition as to why my mother had a hard time carrying to full term.

    I grew up different from my brothers. I did not mind play wrestling or things done in fun but did not like rough sports~ football and hockey have less than zero allure to/for me. I have always loved music, but hated loud noise or overly bright lights~ rhythm and blues and rock n roll was okay, but the heavy metal rock hurts my ears and unpleasantly runs electricity down my spine. I am also synesthetic; seeing colors, shapes and forms in music heard. I have always enjoyed performing~ acting or musically, before a crowd, but truly dislike being IN or part of a crowd. Classrooms were my nightmares as a child.

    At seven or eight I could enter a room of (adult) people I didn't know and get a sense of what was what, who was with whom; this was sometimes confusing on those few occasions when Mr and Mrs Smith came to a party and I couldn't understand why Mrs Smith was with him when she was obviously with Mr Johnson over there, even though they weren't even talking to each other… and the like.

    I can almost always tell if/when someone is (knowingly) bullshitting me.

    I have to listen to my inner voice over advice from those around me; those times I do not nearly always comes back to bite me in the tookis.

    Although heterosexual, I have been drawn more often to those with more sensitive personalities for friendship and support~ as a youth in the 70's this led to more than my share ass-whoopings from my more sports-minded peers.

    One of the things that really read true from your lecture was your telling someone, (paraphrased) "this boy will not like hockey~ violence and bright lights…"

    I tried to be religious as a child, despite being a terrible student in school as I tended to shut down in classroom environs rather than participating, so I definitely didn't have the reputation for being the bright kid in the group, but when asked a question in Cataclysm class I nearly always knew the answers they were looking for from us~ whether I thought those answers were right or not was a far different matter. I was actually dismissed from group sessions because the Father stated, "well, we know Alan knows the answers, how about the rest of you?" Not because of misbehavior, but he knew I knew, and wanted to see if they knew too.

    I tried being Born Again as a teen, but there was always something not right about it [for me]. I tried out several religions, but although I could feel something of spirit with the Mormons, or the Jewish folk I knew, there was always something that didn't "ring" truer than the Catholicism I grew up with for me [Do not get me wrong, I am not an anti-Catholic, I think they generally get a lot right. It is like they have some of the pieces to the greater puzzle, but I was looking for something else]. There are several Spiritualist churches and chapels I've attended that seem to be close, but they are wrapped up in the mediumship aspects over the actual spiritual aspects. I have learned how to perform as a medium, I got certified when I lived near Cassadaga in Florida, but I don't feel it is my calling, so to speak, and not the important part, other than as a confirmation of the other side and the message of love that is the most common message coming from the other side, in my experience.

    I spent eight years in the navy. From 1981-1985, got out, but every day I thought about my time in uniform, and felt I wasn't done, and returned in 1989-1993; serving as a (E-5) BM2 (sw), an assault boat coxswain, and deck department's first division senior petty officer (we only had one BM1 on board), on an LST during Desert Storm.

    I always felt I was there for a reason, not important to me, but to another, or others. I even remember the morning I woke up and realized whatever it was that I needed to do was done. I did not find out for about twenty years that one of my deck seaman had been contemplating suicide on the boat deck when I stepped out, sat down with him and shared a cigarette and talked, or rather he talked and I listened He changed his mind. I have no memory of this happening, in truth I barely remember the kid, but he searched me out to thank me years later. There have been no less than four others who have also told me I impacted their lives in uncommon ways that I was unaware of at the time.

    ~The hard part for me was after realizing my time was done I still had over a year left till my EAOS. That was a long year.~

    I know this is rambled, and partly incoherent, and probably part, I've heard this all before. I have always had an interest in the NDE phenomenon, but I didn't think of myself as one of the experiencers, after all, I was only a minute old, and had only died for about fifteen seconds or so, and I knew the story, but never really thought about it, or thought any of my life could have been effected by it, but I think you are right. I think it has had an impact on almost everything about me.

    Thank you for your time and attention Dr Corcoran,

    May all your endeavors be blessed!!

  2. I don't wish to be a downer (especially since I've only watched three and a half minutes of this video), but what is that annoying talking in the background. Again, no disrespect. I frequently watch NDE videos, and I base my spiritual beliefs on the testimonies of those who have died and returned. It just seems more real to me than any religious dogma I've been exposed to. That said, it sounds like a separate seminar is taking place in the next room…and let's just say the room-divider isn't very thick. Oh well, I'll continue watching. It's gotten two good reviews.