Incarnation and Reincarnation | Insights into the “Fields of Memory”

Incarnation and Reincarnation | Insights into the “Fields of Memory”

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Insights into the “Fields of Memory”

The temperament of a human, the main of the human currently being, the liveliness, consciousness … Is there a thing that is non-physical, mental, spiritual, that enters the flesh, and hence incarnates? And if yes, is it feasible that this kind of incarnations happen a lot more than the moment and that reincarnation exists? Do we dwell a lot more than once on earth?

There are folks who can try to remember previous lives on earth really convincingly. All the important religions in the East train reincarnation, having said that, Christian churches reject the concept of reincarnation. Is it proper that the strategy of reincarnation was nonetheless identified at the time Jesus Christ was alive? That it was accepted in early Christianity but deleted from the bible later on?

For believers, the concept of reincarnation is usually utilised as an clarification why persons have various fates already through start – so God does not have to show up unfair. But how does the notion that generally the exact human souls incarnate match up with the huge growing of the human populace? How does the concept of karma go together with no cost will? And how is it possible that some persons can enter particular spiritual “fields of memories” without having believing in reincarnation? Is each and every previous, each individual memory, normally present? Are these memories of reincarnation also just contacts to this all-embracing subject? And what do people today, who had a near-death experience – who may have taken a step towards the hereafter – say about reincarnation?

This Thanatos Tv documentation examines many typical theories and assumptions surrounding the topic of incarnation and reincarnation in an open up-minded, neutral manner. At the same time, it stays crucial and leaves it to the viewers to draw their have conclusion regarding an intriguing problem that goes further than the limitations of experimental opportunities in science.

02:15 Jenny Cockell: Drawing maps dependent on recollections
04:28 Mary Sutton and Jenny Cockell: The research for the children in Malahide/Ireland and the conference with the family
08:36 Jenny Cockell: The memory of more earth lives
10:58 Incarnation and reincarnation
11:23 The core of the human identity and connections amongst earth lives – Jenny Cockell
13:58 Reincarnation in the religions – Christian Baur
18:14 Origenes, the Catholic Church and the plan of reincarnation – Claus Speer
24:47 Self-redemption, alien redemption: the Christian faith and reincarnation is there a bridge? – Monika Schulze
27:12 Fate and totally free will
28:06 Why won’t be able to most folks remember past lives?
30:18 Competencies and characteristics: “souvenirs” from past lives?
31:31 Reincarnation and population progress
35:20 Diving into the industry of memory – Wolfgang Beltracchi
40:52 Near-death and reincarnation – Michèle Bögli-Mastria, Anke Evertz, Manuela Fazzi
47:22 The outcomes of the “imagined subject” – Ulrich Warnke
48:00 The thought of reincarnation as a meaningful strategy

Digital camera: Heike Sucky, Mehmet Yesilgöz, Wolfgang Scherz, Werner Huemer
Illustration: Roger Gut
Animation: Wolfgang Scherz
Translation: Kathrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Narrator: Peter Cox
Voice-over: Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Kathrin Salhenegger-Niamir, Werner Huemer
Thanks to: Jens Rohrbeck, Reto Eberhard Rast

A film documentary by Werner Huemer
℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
© 2020 Thanatos Television set EN

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  2. A few weeks ago I had the most painful headache and I was laying down on the sofa in pain. Suddenly I see the most unusual thing, my friend who lives 4 hours away who I had not talked to for 3 months. She has the strangest curls in her hair with two white clips which she has never actually had in all the time I have known her. The image would not go away so I text her and she texts me back a photo of the very curls I saw and the same clips but in pink. She told me at the very moment I texted her she was curling her daughter's hair. It was not something I had ever known her daughter to do. There must be connections between us that persist beyond physical distance and perhaps time itself. I do not seem to have any control over what happened. I was not even thinking of her.

  3. My problem with reincarnation is that why do we remember the now now and why is it so vivid compared to others past life's. 2nd I may add a wife or a husband past life and maybe kids and all that love is gone and now I'm here on earth reincarnated to do it all again. I'm very dubious of reincarnation, to me it's not reality or maybe I'm wrong

  4. I don't agree in the "core personality". Maybe core consciousness – and I agree habitual feelings and emotional travels, but personality has a lot to do with factors that are changing, like experiences and genetics.

  5. My son was never thought to read by us or anyone yet he could read fluently any given to him book and long scientific words didn’t cause him to slow down. He could spell perfectly as well. When asked who thought him to read he replied that he always could read and that he thought everyone else could always read too. He had also unexplained knowledge on many subjects and he is still like that.
    Does he just remember this all from his previous existence?

  6. I think the reason why we do not remember our previous life’s (if we reincarnate ) is that any spiritual change should come from our hart and not our intellect. I also think we are here to learn how to love unconditionally, not just the people you know. This is also what Jesus teaches, love your neighbor like you love yourself.

  7. Very important point: karma and free will don’t contradict each other.
    The west is so overly concerned with free will… it’s a total illusion. And that doesn’t mean that we are fated… it’s just that the idea of free will is the wrong question, the wrong concern. We are in a finite physicality and also all things are connected, energy is never created nor destroyed, amongst so many other unseen things that we have no idea about yet… so why is it so ridiculous to consider reincarnation (esp if energy is never created nor destroyed) if one considers free will as an absolute?

    The duality of everything is really narrowing our understanding of anything remotely divine, mystical, ‘true’ etc.

  8. Até os 7anos de idade a criança ainda está se encaixando no novo corpo e é natural que se recorde nitidamente de vários fatos em detalhes da suas últimas existências.
    Até os 10anos de idade costuma passar (ou não) essas lembranças.
    Fica tudo gravado e bem arquivado no PERISPIRITO, arquivo,onde estão armazenados todas às informações sobre suas encarnações anteriores… cada detalhe cada por menor….minuciosamente guardado e bem arquivado no arquivo do espírito.
    Nada se perde.
    Para entender melhor vou lhe recomendar ler O LIVRO DOS ESPÍRITOS DE ALLAN KARDEC.
    Tem 1018 perguntas e respostas.
    É claro,direto,objetivo e fácil de compreender.
    Baixa em pdf.
    Low in pdf.

  9. Vou deixar uma lista de filmes espíritas brasileiros que abordam o tema dá reencarnação para quem quiser assistir a vontade.
    Todos ótimos.
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    7 Bezerra o diário de um espírito.
    8 Sozinho?(mini série com 6 episódios)
    9 Paulo de Tarso
    10 O juízo
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  10. Most of the cases of incarnation and reincarnations happen within the family, although there are cases of inter racial jumps to another time and space. Every progeny is the result of transfer of genetic information from one generation to another. Incarnation can be explained scientifically. Quantum mechanics explains how life and consciousness is a quantum computing function, that can even explain 'soul', 'intelligent design' etc. Implying there can be life after death. It boils down to 'faith'.

  11. From what I've read over many years, I believe when you are nearing the end of reincarnating, the memories of your past lives then come into your consciousness and you remember. You can cope then.

  12. I'm 6.5 minutes in and everything, literally everything about this lady screams 'con-artist.' From the constant smirk of 'duper's delight' that never leaves her face, to the constant looking up to read the facial expressions of her audience to assess whether or not she's being believed, to her own descriptions of the connection, which is all post-diction, rather than prediction – meaning she finds something out, and then claims to have remembered it from her past life, rather than the other way around. Then there's the description of cold reading. She 'exchanges memories' with the old man, and then gradually repeats his memories back to him after he forgot telling her, thus astonishing him. The fact that it's old people, and that they have a traumatic life of missing mommy because daddy was an alcoholic. And in she comes, saying, 'Hi kids; I'm back. Heeeere's mommy!' Thus, the selection of vulnerable victims.
    But I'm curious. Are you guys NOT getting con-artist vibes from this lady? I don't even want to finish watching, but somebody just tell me: does she end up getting any money from them? Even if she didn't, that doesn't mean it's not a con. These types like the thrill of the game. But if she did get their inheritance, case closed, folks. Come on. This is exactly how it works, to a T. Like, there's no detail missing from the con template here. It's a perfect match. In fact, it's almost too many of the con components.

  13. I believe that time is not linear and that’s souls can reincarnation in a few lives at once. And that we aren’t the only planet in 3D so souls can reincarnate all over the cosmos. I feel that we should be able to remember, since the previous lives can influence the current one. It’s not a clean slate if you still have karma. I’m just running around like a headless chicken because I don’t know why my life is the way it is. I don’t know what I need to learn and it’s frustrating too no end.

  14. I Don't have more doubts.
    We are millenary spirits.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  15. I'm not yet convinced that everyone reincarnates. Perhaps some do. And even then, those with such memories cannot prove that it was them and not a cross contamination of memories. This is perhaps either random or meant to obtain closure for the persons concerned both dead and still alive on earth.

  16. So much time and effort is being spent here in order to somehow read reincarnation into Christianity. Is this more important than delving into the phenomenon of reincarnation itself? Reincarnation, in modern times, is amply proved through hundreds of authentic researced and well documented cases of those who have had vivid memories of previous births. Hinduism, Budhism and Sikhism have never known it any other way. For them Karma and rebirth go hand in hand. Reason, logic and evidence seem to embrace it.

  17. Very interesting video. Thank you. I find it extremely difficult to listen to one of your translators. I am sure she is a nice person, but her voice is so annoying and grating that I find myself forwarding through those parts.

  18. My name is paulaliza de wet..maiden münch..I had a good few encounters of my own..ppl have and keep telling me I need help haha..but my CHANGE IN MY LIFE ….is ALL GLORY TO MY DAD! MY LORD AND FATHER..Best Teacher I've ever pun intended..amen…I believe every honest brother/sister in Christ what they encountered..GODS WORKING..1st chance is getting a 1on1 personally with His Son Thee savior 2n chance if no CHANGE Shoo then He says I will judge you in front of all…I chose to repent and stay obedient..amen..

  19. God loves this woman blessed her to come again in life,and to remember her past life .God wanted her to find her children.
    She is cancer Zodiac sign,same me , Cancer ♋ have hard life , sensitive to much crying.
    I have so many experience ,I believe life after death.