Important Message From The Other Side! | Fireside Chat w Near Death Experiencers #2 Part 1

Important Message From The Other Side! | Fireside Chat w Near Death Experiencers #2 Part 1

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Essential Concept From The Other Aspect! | Hearth Chat w Near Death Experiencers #2 Aspect 1

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This is Part 1 of our Second Fireplace CHAT! Today we are joined by Karen Thomas, Anastasia Wesselink Moellering, Jacob Cooper, and Jeff Olsen!
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  1. This discussion was so moving and brought a respectful tone to a difficult topic for some to truly understand from a religious perspective.

    While listening to your accounts and perspectives I wrote this down.


    I think a loy of people of religious faiths have a hard time understanding that we are ALL from a devine source of unconditional love and that can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways.

    However, its hard to force people into conformity when we are all really talking about the same thing! No matter your beliefs we are all sources of light, filled with love, within our own personal Divinity!

  2. If my poor tired hardworking mother was watching this as most normal ordinary people, this won’t mean anything to them, it’s not fair. It’s to ESOTERIC for your normal peasant. Most people in England don’t have a religion here in Europe!

  3. Nope I totally agree with you the man that came back on totally agree that of what you said that near death experiences come back that’s why you come back you could’ve died when you come back to share your message of love and to be that bright light of love and talk about it and tell us thank you

  4. So much truth , in and of yourself , your no good. And such a prevelidged life , life is absolutely good! As you enjoy the lands and wealth of the saints , the natives.
    In 1492 when the Europeans began to do this , kill two billion natives globally , to steal everything they had , including the scriptures. What do white people need saving from??????????
    You cannot be both the oppressor , and then saved from the oppression.

  5. I ev been watching ndes and all i have come across with jesus its ether All paths led 2 God or they just see jesus and asume its jesus is the path. I do believe he is the perfect example of how we should live. Free will i believe means free. I believe God leads us 2 the right path. After feeling Gods love in my life and knowing i love God i know in my heart God dosnt force us 2 him. God reaches out 2 us! Love for God can only come from a true relationship with him. Love cant be forced.The fear of hell stopped me for a long time till God rescued me from the bad things in my life. I grew up in the church but never knew him truly till now! JESUS TAUGHT US 2 PRAY OUR FATHER! God has soooo much love mabey theres something to hell But what parent would ever punish u for eternity. It hurts me when i have 2 get mad at my kids 4 the right reasons and punish them. If jesus is God 3 in 1 simply believeing in God is believing in all 3. With all the confusion in life about faith how would a Righteous just God hold some one accountable for a believe that would condemn them for eternity. Mabey thats what jesus means by faith and faith alone? Not faith in a certain thing just simpley faith that Gods there and loves us

  6. This is just beautiful & I can feel tears trying to speak for me.
    I've been going through a continuous transition & it definitely is the journey just as much as the destination that means everything.
    As you know Mel, through reading a previous comment on a bit of my history that I had felt the loving presence of the divine source, for many months. Which I was trying to recapture in these later years but divine source had other plans for me & they include rediscovering that unconditional Love, for others & for myself, in other ways. On the path I'm on now & I'm blessed to travel this difficult road that is showing me that all of us & everything, Is Love. Thankyou to your guests & to yourself, Mel, for another perfect video.❤❤❤❤