I Was Shown Earths Future During My Near Death Experience | NDE

I Was Shown Earths Future During My Near Death Experience | NDE

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Have you ever experienced a near death experience (NDE) or encountered an angel? We would really like to hear about it.

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  1. began to realize that I believe in things that some or most Baptists do not and I actually don’t even consider myself a Baptist any longer bc I no longer associate myself with just one particular denomination or any denomination at all actually. I have my beliefs and that’s that. I don’t push my beliefs onto others for true awakening is only possible from within. I now believe that some of the beliefs I have been taught and told since childhood are nothing more than forced opinion’s disguised as Biblical facts and I hope I don’t offend anyone with what I’m saying bc I assure you it’s not intentional, this is only my opinion and how I feel. So I now believe that of course animals go to heaven, I mean why wouldn’t God adorn heaven with all of the fluffy and furry little fur babies that he could?!? It’s preposterous in my opinion to think he wouldn’t and as far as the suicide belief or sin that I was raised to believe was true, I now think is also preposterous and here’s why. So when someone is capable of taking their own life, they do so because they’re severely depressed. In their frame of mind, they’re thinking that they’re only a burden to their loved ones and they believe that they’re actually doing more good than not by removing themselves from this earth. Depression is a mental disorder/disease that affects so many of us at different levels throughout different times of our lives and with it being a mental illness wouldn’t that also make it a disability?! Absolutely so. Now the all loving all forgiving God I know wouldn’t turn one away at his heavenly gates due to them having a disability. That would be no different than him denying entrance to a blind man for being blind, or to a teenager with Down syndrome or to a lady with bi polar disorder or multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia or someone whose sick with epilepsy or anyone with any disability at all whether it’s a physical or a mental disability, I know that my all mighty loving God would not do that, it just doesn’t fit furthermore whose to say that the person didn’t pray and ask for forgiveness as they took their last breath or as their heart stopped?! We don’t, nobody does but that person and God. I came to finally realize this to be the truth as I began my lengthy, deep/dark path into severe/clinical depression many years ago as I battled for my life with breast cancer. Just as I had finally begun to slowly but surely crawl my way out of that dark lonely depression that had stole about 2 & a half years from me as I’d lay in my bed 24/7, so I had just begun to slowly feel a little better each day when another horrific tragedy struck, I lost my first

  2. ne will ever be able to convince me that animals do not have souls, it’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard plus if animals were so irrelevant in Gods eyes then why do the animals play such a huge/main role within the Bible, especially regarding Noah’s Ark?!! My parents were divorced when I barely turned 2 years old and neither parent ever attended church service, at least not after I was born and or to my knowledge but they believe in God so they’re not atheists or anything but faith and God/Jesus just wasn’t ever a topic within either household growing up. In fact my earliest memory of attending church service was when I was about 6/7 years old, my father had begun a serious relationship with a lady who also had a daughter about my same age, we were only several mths apart so we obviously hit it off right away and her mom was the same way as my parents regarding church and their beliefs. However her Dad was a very Godly man & had remarried since divorcing her mother and he and his new wife had 3 children together. Her father had completely changed his ways and gave his life to the lord after divorcing her mother and remarrying so from that point on, each and every time their church doors were open, her father and his family were in attendance of the church service and still to this day, nothings changed. I lived with my mother mainly and would go visit my dads every other weekend so we worked it out so that She would go visit with her Mom on the weekends when I would visit my dads so that we could have as much time together as possible and our parents never married but they dated and eventually were engaged even though they lived separately. They were together for around 8/9 years and then they had a very nasty and emotional breakup due to some personal circumstances/demons her mother struggled with but luckily, her and I remained just as close as ever and our parents breakup never affected our friendship and if anything, we grew closer from it. Still to this day, she’s my best friend. We’re 41 years old now for anyone whose curious and I apologize for I have digressed. So as I said, her father was a very god fearing man and because she and I had grown so close, I also had grown close to her father, his wife and their 3 children they had together and so on the weekends when I’d visit my father, I would attend her father’s church with her every Sunday am as much as possible. I also attended vacation Bible school each summer and always loved it and looked forward to the next summer with an immense amount of excitement and anticipation. When I attended church, I felt at home, I felt this immediate, enveloping, familiar, forgiving love each time I stepped inside the doors of the church and I never really knew why or gave it much thought due to my young mind but as I grew up and experienced more and more and my mind expanded and matured, I began to realize that I had been wrong about so much all of these years regarding my beliefs and I

  3. was saying, so the only thing that I recall is this strange older lady whom I’ve never known and can’t remember ever meeting is in front of me and she’s smiling at me as she’s talking to me, I don’t remember anything at all that she said to me and even though she looked to be about in her late 60’s, early 70’s & had given me no reason to fear her or be weary of her other than the feeling I felt as I looked at her, I just knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was pure wickedness, she was evil and she was everything dark, she was made up of all things bad. Even though she showed no physical signs of this manipulation and to anyone else, she’d appeared to be this normal sweet little older lady who was only trying to engage in a friendly conversation with me, I knew differently, I knew exactly what she was and exactly what she was trying to do and I knew this was as true as I know my own name, that’s just how confident I was about her true identity but I don’t recall any words being spoken between us but it was as if it were purely telepathic in nature but this wickedness disguised as a woman smirked at me as it knew that I knew exactly what it was and that I could not be tricked by it’s manipulative ways and then I woke up but her face is still to this day embedded into my mind, I can close my eyes and recall every little detail regarding her face and I’m able to feel that uncomfortable, nasty evilness she possessed just as if I had just woken from the dream itself. These are the only dreams that I can recall having that felt like they’d fit into this category and I have multiple dreams almost nightly, have my entire life but I have never ever had such dreams as these where I just knew that they had a most spiritual and most special meaning behind them. I grew up in a small town here in NC & I attended Baptist churches simply because they were all I knew, I was familiar with the Southern Baptists denomination so I was raised with the beliefs being taught to me & was told from as far back as I can remember that the one and only sin one can commit and absolutely 100% not go to heaven, was always embedded into us that it was basically a ticket straight to Satans hell. The sin being suicide and of course me not knowing any better with my young inexperienced mind, I believed this to be true for many years. Another belief that I was raised on was that animals don’t go to heaven, only humans do bc animals don’t have souls they explained. For many years, I struggled with those particular allegedly true beliefs because I’m an animal lover, I love animals of any and all kinds so I couldn’t fathom as to why such a loving almighty God wouldn’t allow animals to enter his kingdom and i just didn’t buy the spill about animals not having souls because any pet owner who loves and adores their pet/s will prob agree when I say that I can see my pets soul when I look into their eyes. Not literally of course but no

  4. Sometimes I dream such bizarre, scary dreams that don’t make sense, that my conscious mind tells me “it’s a dream. Wake up” and I do gasping for air. What is this? I need someone to believe me that in my fear, I can tell myself I can wake up and get out of it. It happens so frequently that I’m scared. I don’t understand, and I don’t trust telling anyone. Please help

  5. You cannot be shown the future because the future is not written in advance. You were shown a probable future. God gave us free will, that means the future is not written in advanced. If future was written in advanced than their will be no point in having free will.

  6. Wow!!! This was amazing!!! It just gave me hope and appreciation. I am glad to have heard it!!
    I am a new subscriber and I am enjoying listening to such beautiful stories… I am glad to have found it.
    Thank you and much peace to all!!