“I Saw Myself Lying There” | Julia Fischer's Near Death Experience

“I Saw Myself Lying There” | Julia Fischer's Near Death Experience

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At the age of 6, Julia Fischer (Vienna, Austria) had a near-death experience. In this interview she talks about what transpired and how that experience adjusted her life.

00:40 With regards to your near-death experience: Could you explain to us what you experienced and what took place again then?
07:33 Was this light which you described a purely visual experience or where there also thoughts linked with it, really like, a perception of getting arrived, of security even?
08:59 Did this experience have a robust affect on you?
09:55 And how did your mother respond?
10:13 So you hardly ever had the problem that you had been burdened by these types of an experience in the feeling that you just didn’t know what was heading on with you?
10:46 Are you nevertheless scared of death?
11:08 Why are we worried of immortality?
11:30 How was your conception of gentleman formulated via this experience? What is your see of the which means of lifetime?
12:15 Have you located a preliminary respond to to the question of the huge why?
13:38 Is your everyday living now characterised by refined perception and increased sensitivity?
15:02 Will your spiritual orientation also participate in a position in your professional direction?

Interviewer: Werner Huemer
Director: Wolfgang Scherz
Translation: Jens Rohrbeck, Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-around: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir, Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir
Editor: Werner Huemer

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  1. In all of the videos I have seen of NDE, the people in it seem to have a radiance in their faces, shining eyes and a mouth that never stops smiling. Theyr different from other people

  2. I can't help but think how difficult it would be to communicate by only thinking. What if you think something that isn't good or is considered bad….In all of these near death experiences, it's always the same. Communication by thought. It frightens me to think that if you thought of things that were not good and more of an evil nature…would you then go to hell?

  3. Many people are watching these videos looking for hope. Some want reassurances that this life is not all there is, that we don't stop existing after our physical death. Some people are watching and dream about the love everyone is talking about on the other side, and this is understandable because this world and life is hard. My story: Several years ago when my spiritual guide appeared in front of me, the love it communicated telepathically, it was unlike anything I have experienced in my life up to that point. It all came at once, simultaneously, knowing, feeling, it was talking through feelings is the best I can describe it. I was "told" that I am loved and that I belong and I felt every word as it was an emotion emitted from that being of light that had a human face I've never seen before but I "knew" he was my spiritual guide from the other side and that he was with me my whole life. I needed to hear that because I loathed myself at the time. I was looking at myself through the eyes of society, social conditioning we all succumb to from early years of our life that is telling us that we are not good enough if we don't fit with acceptable norms be it looks, life achievements, the way we perceive life and the way we want to live our own lives. At the time I felt like I don't belong anywhere, like I was not good enough, worthy enough, sometimes of life itself and I pondered leaving this world. This was the result of everything I have gone trough in my life, and at the time what I did not know was that this was the life I have planned. I chose my body the way it is and I chose my parents, environment and it would all be a challenge for me to overcome and to learn to love myself. I chose this environment where I would not be accepted, loved, and this has given me an opportunity to discover myself, who I truly am, to learn my worth in spite of what society or religion are teaching and conditioning people into. I needed to learn self-love, not to rely on anyone or anything external to bring me love but to find it within, because that is where that love lives. I needed to learn that I am that love, an extension of the Devine with same properties and that we don't need to condition love or where it comes from in order to feel it. I am, as everyone else is an extension of the Devine, that unconditional love but we have to learn to see it by unlearning what we are made to believe about ourselves and others by this world. It is that way by the design, obstacles for each of us to overcome because overcoming something is a growth, and growth is what we come here for. I needed to learn that even if others love me, it makes no difference and I can't feel that love if I don't love myself. What good is it having people around you seeing your worth, your potential, loving you if you can't see it yourself, if you talk negatively to yourself, if you are too hard on yourself when you don't succeed at something. I needed to learn to love myself even if I fail at things in life and that successes or failures do not not determine my value as a person and for this I had to go through a lot failures, talking down on myself until I learned not to do so, and once I did, "failures" stoped and that includes what job I have, how much money I have or don't have. I needed to learn not to over-give in relationships because I believed that I am worthy only when I give, constantly to people even if they don't appreciate. I needed to learn to ask for help from others and to accept it, because up to that point I only wanted to give. We are all looking of others to love us to feel loved, we have to have someone in our life to feel that we and our life has a meaning, but it is not so, we are worthy with or without it, because we always have ourselves. Years later after working on myself, relearning my self, accepting my self for who I am, is when I was shown that this is all I chose to learn in this lifetime, to overcome all these things that whole humanity is dealing with, to learn to deal with depression and anxiety and to overcome it without the use of drugs so that I would help those who are willing to work on themselves. Today, I feel that same love here and now in my life when I give it to myself, when I have learned to see it in me by learning my true nature to be one of love, same love I felt that day from my spirit guide from the "other" side because I have removed everything from my life and my mind that was stoping me from seeing it, everything that was creating separation, while only separation from the Devine is when it see it as such. There is no separation, even physical as we see it that way by thinking that we are separated by different worlds. We are it and it is us. "It", we are all looking for is within us and we are only separated by our thoughts that we can overcome by learning to love ourselves for who we are regardless of what the world is telling us. I have dedicated my life to help people to find that happiness and that love in their life by overcoming things that I have learned to overcome. I coach people because I know the pain, I've been there, I lived it most of my life and I know what it feels like. Hope this helps someone out there and I hope this information will reach those who need it the most. Love to all…

  4. Everything arises out of consciousness. Conciseness is the fundamental state. We used to believe Spacetime and Subatomic particles was the fundamental where everything arises from, but this only gives us insurmountable problems such as how consciousness projects from brain activity which is famously known as the 'hard problem'' in science. Even more vexing is how the quantum state is wholly incompatible with Newtonian classical physics. They clash and will not fit together which is utterly perplexing when we know for certain both Quantum and Classical physics are both correct and are the most successful theories in all of science!

    If we just make another leap and realise that there is an even deeper layer of reality where consciousness is where everything is arising from. If you imagine consciousness is the lake and living beings are little whirlpools. When we die we simply disassociate from the whirlpool and emerge in the lake where we are fully in connect with all consciousness; we return to our true identity or higher self. It's a little like waking up from a dream where the avatar or the person you believed you were disassociates and you simply move on for the day as a wakeful person. We are not any longer concerned with the avatar within the dream because we have returned to our true identity. There are now scientists working on mathematical theorems to begin to add valid evidence to this. To learn more about this check out Bernardo Kastrup and Donald Hoffman's books or check out the plentiful videos on u-tube. God bless everyone and remember to love your closest people and everyone else also:)

  5. Often in the NDE they give you a choice if you want to stay or you want go back in your body….. Then i don't understand why suicide is wrong…… If you tired of this life and you prefer going to the light i don't see nothing wrong with suicide.

  6. An observation: I understand she first did not feel well and was lying on her bed and then she saw herself lying with all kinds of tubes in her head… there is a gab where she was unconscious between her own bed and that of the hospital. She woke up but not in her own body? is that correct? So the NDE has no relation with the conscious state.

  7. Julia, Pink yarrow flower essence may help some people with the empathic problem of taking on too many feelings of others around one's self. As a sensitive person it may help you cope with a crowd situation (should you ever feel the need to be in one).