I Met My Great Grandfather During My Near Death Experience | NDE

I Met My Great Grandfather During My Near Death Experience | NDE

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Have you at any time had a near death experience (NDE) or encountered an angel? If so please ship your tale of the afterlife to us by means of e mail, we would appreciate to hear it.

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  1. I too died when I was young, I was five years old, and had tonsillitis very bad. My parents waited way too long to take me and my brother both who had tonsillitis to the hospital for the surgery. We had the surgery and went home, and I can recall this when I was at my grandmother's house. I was in a side room laying on a small bed and I had this Vision where I came out of my body. I found myself floating above a bed with a small child on it. I slowly floated above the bed and it appeared the room was slowly revolving but it must have been me as I made my way up towards the ceiling. When I hit the ceiling I was looking at the bed and noticed that the small boy that was on the bed had the same clothes on that I had on earlier, the brown corduroy pants and the brown t-shirt. When I realized it was me I said hey that's me, as soon as I said that I felt a giant hand push me back down into my body. I don't remember necessarily going blank but I don't have any memory of anything until the next morning. My grandmother had made breakfast of scrambled eggs and soft bacon and I ate it and my sore throat was gone. In fact I had healed up completely, where as my brother was still sick for 2 weeks and couldn't eat good. It seems that my experience was slightly similar to yours, I don't remember seeing any white light in the room but I didn't have any time to look around really. I had been busy staring at the boy on the bed trying to figure out who he was for the two or three minutes it took me to get to the ceiling. Apparently as a child I must of either thought this was a dream or just completely forgot about it, because I didn't bring it back to recall in my mind until my mid-fifties. Perhaps it was at that time that God was making a last call for me to come to him, for I had really ignored him most of my life. Not that I didn't believe in God, I knew that there was a God, I had seen it in so many aspects of nature, the world and life. It's just that I had not made the commitment to accept Jesus as my savior. It was at that time when I recalled the dream and realized that we are Eternal beings, and that we have life outside of the body, that I made a steadfast effort and came to know and accept Christ. Still to this day, I am a follower of Christ, and look forward to the Blessed hope of him calling us home. Just something curious during my life I also had the habit of sometimes making some people angry at me, such as drunks attracted to me who wanted to fight, where I would stand them down just by talking to them and they would leave. I never liked to fight, I thought it was a waste to hurt each other for no reason. I had been in some accidents earlier and had enough pain to go around, I did not want to inflict anymore on myself or anybody else. Now that I have accepted Christ I have had a few occasions where I have had people coming up on my location where I was at, they apparently would see me or sense me and they would turn around and walk away. On one occasion I was sitting outside a thrift store while my wife was shopping and the same gentleman who had turned around and walked away earlier came back and quickly entered the thrift store. When he left he came out and walked past me in front of my vehicle and looked straight at me and started cursing at me for no reason as he continued to walk away. The windows had been up in my vehicle and I was not paying him much attention except to see what he had done. I can only assume that this man did not have the spirit of Christ in him, but perhaps an evil spirit in him. The look on his face as he walked by was almost demonic. I too feel the urge to help others right now but in my mid 60s and being disabled I'm not really sure exactly what to do. I do offer to help people where I can, and I have donated to Charities and help homeless when I have seen them. When watching a video I will get in the comments section and try to encourage people with the Love Of Christ by commenting back to them, or leaving a comment myself and interacting with the people who comment back to me. I have made a few videos on my channel, one basically tells the story which I just told now. I guess I should do more videos encouraging people about the things that I've learned about this in world and Christ also. Well God bless everyone may the Lord keep you in his grace and mercy.

  2. The future is written in SAND. There is a plan for each life, but it is a plan that allows for flexibility. The start and end of the multiverse is unchanging from union to universe. It's like this. A man wants to go to one college, but his parents want him to go to a different college. It doesn't matter what college he goes to because he becomes a doctor through both and saves just as many lives. Same start, same ending, different friends met along the way. Free will and destiny can and do exist.

  3. It had to be in heaven where you were everyone when we dye have different N.D.E.,there is life after death.I think god gives us all our own experiences when we dye.We need to follw god be kind to others,ask god to save our soul.a transparent body that comes out of our body when we physically dye.