“I have Survived Hell, Because I've Believed in Heaven” | Astrid Dauster in Conversation

“I have Survived Hell, Because I've Believed in Heaven” | Astrid Dauster in Conversation

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Astrid Dauster was a child sufferer in her father’s Satanists’ lodge. In her close to-pricey experiences, she was accompanied by a loving, saving light.

In this second Thanatos Television set job interview, she shares additional of the extraordinary track record that led to her spiritual experiences.

00:01:18 What was your childhood like, in summary?
00:03:52 The “other side”
00:06:26 What function did your father enjoy in this satanic lodge?
00:09:13 Can you remember the to start with time that you experienced encountered this shepherd?
00:13:53 Had you professional a religious Christian upbringing?
00:15:05 How did your mom and your grandmother react to all that?
00:16:36 Did you have common encounters with the shepherd?
00:19:04 “Miracle healings”
00:21:32 How aged ended up you when your father died?
00:24:31 How outdated were being you when these reminiscences came back again?
00:25:35 How did this replacement system concerning your reminiscences happen?
00:30:50 What was the induce that your memories came back again?
00:34:44 Have you ever gained proof for e. g. injuries?
00:39:15 Were being you in a position to forgive your father and all other people included?
00:43:00 Have you ever encountered associates of that lodge?
00:47:25 Are you in get in touch with with other persons who have also been victims?
00:48:43 A recent near-death experience
00:53:20 Did you locate an remedy to the problem “Why do I have to go via all of this?”
00:55:18 How did the collaboration with Dr. Walter Meili arrive about?
00:59:10 Do you consider that divine steerage is legitimate for everybody?

Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Edda Raab
Editorial contribution: Alexandra Grasmik
Voice-above: Alexandra Grasmik, Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir
Editor: Werner Huemer, Martin Steffens

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© 2022 Thanatos Tv EN

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  1. Her story is disturbing. However, not long ago I was informed by an elderly man, a military veteran and retired insurance company executive, about a similar circumstance involving some of the most renown and wealthy people in the world. I won't go into detail, but what he told me I cannot get out of my mind and wonder, if true (he absolutely would not make what he told me up but that does not make it true) we may be seeing some of these players "acting out" on the world stage presently. I can't say anything more because I have very few specifics and no evidence. Her account may be building up to a global wide awareness of this terrible problem. Regardless, please pray for children anywhere and everywhere in terrible circumstances. And, let's hope that if anyone knows of such goings on that they have the courage to expose the perpetrators. Also, if anyone is/was involved in same or similar practices, have the decency to come forth; your only hope for saving your soul which does exist, is salvageable, but you have to save it. We cannot allow this behavior to continue.

  2. It is mind shattering to realize this is going on right under our noses….all around…in our governments…I'm in the US and am thinking of the Podesta Brothers and their ilk. Even talking about and investigating these people is clearly a "NO FLY ZONE." They are literally PROTECTED by Satanic forces.

  3. Truth is often stranger than fiction. This is one of the most fascinating stories you have presented on your channel. Thank you so much for all your work.

    The universe we happen to live in is definitely weirder than we are prepared to accept judging from a limited, human perspective.

  4. What a tragic childhood this lady had, yet, thanks to her faith and her NDEs she has overcome her trauma. All the best Astrid, and thank you for sharing your NDE. Than you Thanatos TV EN

  5. Is it only me but to me this sounds rehearsed as if she made everything up. I saw many NDE testimonies but here there are no emotions or facial expressions that she lived through the things she said. Some things she tells don't make sense, are illogic such as being out of her body during cardiac arrest and still deeply worrying about her body while all other testimonies tell that after being out of the body they didn't show interest anymore in it, the attachment with the body was gone and they felt great. The interviewer seems to have doubts at certain points too. I cannot believe this testimony sorry for that. This one however…. https://youtu.be/Tas0kPLy4BU

  6. Dear producers, in the first place thank you very much for all your work, it is really inspirational. I have however serious concern about the authenticiy of the above testimony (of Astrid Dauster). It doesn't seem genuine at all, you can read on her face that she didn't live this experiences and that she did not experience an NDE. I have listened to many many NDE testimonies but this isn't one. She says many things that don't make sense. One example is when she is telling that her wrinkles are her scars, who believes that?! Forgot just everything for many years and could live a normal life and then suddenly remembering everything into detail, really?? Just listen to a real testimony of a survivor of satanic child abuse and you would know the difference, they are shacking from terror. If she would radiate deep peace and compassion as a consequence of the NDE's I would believe her but she hasn't the glow of serenity and wisdom that shows she had one. It also doesn't make sense that she talks about her father as sometimes being a good dad while doing the most cruel things to her. Having grown up with a narcistic mother I know they play good towards the outer world but not at home, narcissist are never experienced as good, safe, stable humans, you don't feel at ease with them and it wouldn't make sense that she would feel at ease with a psychopath that tries to kill her many times., it is just clear nonsense I am sorry for it. Washing with vinegar is extremely painful? Really there are so many things in this story that sound totally made up. In the end there is ZERO proof to her story so why believing it straight away? Listen to your intuition watch her face, check her words.. This woman is looking for attention, or making money out of a fake story. She also never goes into real detail, it is all very superficial, that is because she didn't live it. She might have suffered but this story isn't hers. As a channel you CAN and must I feel investigate this, in the most objective way. Here there is one other person who saw right through her after reading her book: https://www.amazon.nl/Opferkind-H%C3%B6lle-%C3%BCberlebt-Himmel-glaubte/dp/3775159517 . Thank you kindly for taking a look at this.

  7. i hope anyone who abuses kids especially, spends a long time getting that pain and abuse 100000x back in their afterlife, theres no way anyone gets away with such evil, god sees everything. what a brave and strong lady. thank you for sharing

  8. What a courageous woman – and what a courageous little girl she was, and I love her relationship with her shepherd. The interviewer (name?) only asks the most important questions and never unnecessarily interrupts. Perfect!

  9. in 1973 I was pronounced "DEAD On ARRIVAL" at a medical center… More than half an hour passed, then my heart started again… During that time, I "LIFE The Real Self", entered the WHITE LIGHT, and have remained in the WHITE LIGHT to this day… Those who claim to have returned, have NOT recognize WHAT, The WHITE LIGHT really is… When you recognize WHAT the LIGHT actually is, and accept it, you remain in The LIGHT as I have…