“I Have Foreseen the Death of my Mother” | An Interview with Jennifer Nejo

“I Have Foreseen the Death of my Mother” | An Interview with Jennifer Nejo

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Jennifer Nejo professional horrific hallucinations as a 15-calendar year-old as a final result of risky poisoning … but one more “gate” opened up.

00:00:50 What just did transpire when you had been 15 a long time old?
00:03:24 As a 15-yr-aged you arrived to this realization?
00:04:44 Would you be sure to explain: “Reality became a vision”?
00:05:24 Was it real that he had talked to you?
00:19:16 Is that also the health-related perception? That it in fact could have turned out even worse?
00:21:16 Did you perceive the a few layers constantly at the exact time?
00:22:23 How did you understand your grandmother? Precisely in the exact way how you knew her from bodily truth?
00:23:12 Ended up you ready to speak about your experiences suitable just after with a person?
00:25:16 Did your experience transform your worldview?
00:26:09 What conclusions did you appear to when you began to test to course of action everything?
00:28:30 Prior to your mother died, you experienced instructed her a great deal extra about your experience …
00:31:59 Could you be sure to tell us a tiny little bit more about this “other aspect” – the relationship – that you have professional?
00:32:55 Why did you grow to be extra intrigued in near-death experiences?
00:34:33 What is the change to normal hallucinations?
00:36:41 Immediately after this very impactful experience of yours, are you nonetheless scared of death?
00:37:23 Is this terrific experience of getting cared for still available to you nowadays?

Director: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Translation: Alexandra Grasmik
Voice-more than: Alexandra Grasmik, Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir
Editorial contribution: Heike Funke
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

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  1. How fascinating! It reminds me of one time I had consumed some powerful marijuana. I was feeling all it's regular effects obviously. What was extraordinary was that I could feel a distinct funnel of consciousness extending from the top of my head which I knew would grant me access to great knowledge but I could not reach it. However at one nano moment I had a blinding flash of clear understanding and I "saw" a galaxy of stars and "knew" that those stars were us, people and everything alive. I didn't understand what it meant and even later I remembered it clearly. I still do. This was a decade ago when I never knew about NDE experiences. Recently I saw a video of a person describe his profound NDE experience and he described exactly what I saw, that he was taken to the God or source and it was a like a huge galaxy of every living consciousness being a star on that constellation or galaxy or whatever. I knew then instantly that this was what I had seen.

  2. Most interesting interview I have seen in a decade about the after life / other realms topic…
    This woman is so clear and fluid in her story that you feel the truth out of her.
    Has anyone ever had a similar experience with Ayahuaska or other plants ?

  3. People who have Acid have changed life experiences.
    Her poor mum would of been living in fear from the day she told her .
    That's why she said to her daughter stop it
    Anyway she had an amazing trip , not for me though.
    I have had a NDE, and it was beautifully soft .

  4. This was fantastic, unusual and refreshing. Within the psychedelic community datura is well known to be avoided as it is such a high risk plant to deal with, in every possible way, so glad she came through this without damage and gained many gifts.

    I think plants, such as ayahuasca, which is known as the vine of death, is the closest we can get to a NDE without actually dying and the visionary states can be used for healing though it is now well known to use this within a shamanic setting and in a responsible way.
    I see this expansion of our consciousness through plant medicines as being our next evolutionary step, if we as humans are to heal ourselves, our hearts and let go of our trauma that is held within our bodies.
    Thank you for bringing forth this different aspect of consciousness expansion.

  5. Please do not butcher animal. Say NO to leather, Fur, meat and other things that is generated due to human greed and stupidity.
    Animals in millions are tortured, carried in most inhuman methods to the killing factories ( cows hanging upside down in the vehicles, chickens bleeding with wires inserted into their legs when alive and carried many miles, pigs noses cut and rubbed salt on it-while alive)

    Please save the kind beings.!

  6. The physical brain is a barrier, it operates and is designed for the physical world. During NDE's and indeed drug induced otherworldly experiences the brain is bypassed or shut down enough so that we can access higher dimensions and knowledge.

  7. I’m skeptical of hallucinations and this doesn’t seem like a near death experience. Just a one-off junkie tripping. Not as credible as an NDE. If she’d actually died in hospital and had an NDE then I’d find it more objective. Parts of her experience seem like hallucinations but parts seem like an NDE. I wouldn’t wish anyone to foretell death. But I’m glad she had a positive experience in the end and that good came of her scary ordeal.

  8. So well articulated, so easily understood. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I listen to a lot of these, and how well you explained your experience made it very easy to "see".