I Died, Met A Family Member, Was Given A Mission And Sent Back | Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died, Met A Family Member, Was Given A Mission And Sent Back | Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. The aliens like making people play guess the mission. It's preordained anyway, isn't it? How else would there be a "not your time" to die? If the exact time and manner of your death is already set then wouldn't everything else also have to be? Because if you zigged instead of zagged it would throw the whole thing off. Are we really free to choose to do good or evil? Maybe Hitler was preordained to be evil, nothing he could do about it. Maybe all lives are already set and we're just a consciousness along for the ride. In fact, aren't humans the sum of neurotransmitter interactions? If you take a certain drug you may feel happy, or miserable, depending on the drug. Is that you choosing to be that way or is it chemicals dictating it? I worked with a guy who was always being a total jerk, never in a positive mood. Later his toes started dropping off and he found out he had diabetes the whole time. That's what made him cranky, low blood sugar, or too high blood sugar, whatever it is. With insulin he wasn't a jerk anymore, actually easy going. Would he be punished for all those years of being a jerk to everybody even though it was not entirely his fault? In the life review he would feel the negative effects of him being a jerk even though it was diabetes doing it, is that fair?