I Died Freezing And Saw Jesus | Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died Freezing And Saw Jesus | Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. "Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you are the true Son of God and that you died on the cross to rescue me from my sins, death and to restore me to heaven to be with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. I choose now to turn from my sins, my selfish ways, and every part of my life that does not please you. I choose to serve you and I choose to give my entire life to you. I believe in you. I believe you are the way, the truth, and the light. I accept you into my heart, into my soul, and into my mind. I choose to serve you and to receive your love and forgiveness. I ask you to take your rightful place in my life as my Lord and Savior. please lord of lords and king of kings come reign your peace, love, and happiness into my heart and into my soul. fill my heart and my soul with your love and your life, and help me to become a better person who is truly loving and trusting —a person like you. Please cleanse my mind, body, and soul from the demonic entities that have been tormenting me my whole life. may the blood from your sacrifice wash my sins away and restore my mind, body and soul in your name Jesus Christ. allow me to Live, Love, Learn and grow through you. please bless my soul in your holy name, the heavenly father, and the holy spirits name and help replenish the strength of my mind, body, and soul in your honor. Thank you, God of the Holy Land and the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen"

  2. It sounds to me maybe you were on the wrong path to begin with God must've needed you to heal peoples spirits more than he needed you to heal a wound and I feel that it's a beautiful way to find out by having an NDE good luck on your new journey in life and thank you for sharing that NDE

  3. नमस्कार शिवाजी बीबी मुंबई उच्च ओम शांती ओम शांती ओम शांती देवो भव आहे ओम नमो राधाकृष्ण नमः शिवाय सर्व काही एकच आहे फक्त लॅन्ड बदलत जातात तशी काही बदल दिसत आहेत तसेच निसर्गाच्या बदलत जातात तसे मनुष्याच्या दिसत असलेले बदल तसेच प्रत्येक ठिकाणी परमेश्वराचे नाव बदल आहे शेवटी एकच आहे येताना एकाच गावातून येतात आणि जाताना परत त्याच गावी प्रत्येक जीव जातात

  4. I was pronounced "DEAD On ARRIVAL" at a medical center in 1973… More than half an hour passed, then my heart started beating again… During that time, I "LIFE The Real Self", NOT the human entity, entered the WHITE LIGHT, and have remained in the WHITE LIGHT to this day… I have NOT left the WHITE LIGHT, nor returned as others have reported to have ! Those who claim to have returned, have NOT recognize WHAT, The WHITE LIGHT is, and have put a human interpretation on the LIGHT, putting the human entity before "LIFE The Real Self", which is "The LIGHT of MAN", "The LIFE of GOD" !