I Died And Was Shown A Glimpse Of Heaven And Hell | Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died And Was Shown A Glimpse Of Heaven And Hell | Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. Jesus is not COMING but he is RISING IN US but when and how? The when is our appointed HOUR, our appointed visitation (Jewish feast days that are REAL ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EVENTS in every soul) and HOW? Well Jesus explains, if you DENY your life for his sake, you will find it but if you choose your life, (EGO which you think you are) you will lose it:

    every word in the Bible is about a part of us: Paul (little) is the part of us that experiences Messiah (Jesus): So the ANOINTING IN US is Gods blood and the part that receives it is the MAN who God is making in his image and likeness which is a spiritual MAN, Adam resurrected, the LAST ADAM:

    Jesus is a name for the INNER SPIRITUAL MAN of one's heart: He is not a PERSON, but "MAN" (Adam) who is ONE as God is ONE force dispersed into MANY: Jesus is the name of the heart that has GIVEN BIRTH to the anointing which is in everyone but it must "RISE" and it only rises when people stop using it for 'self' and evil. The anointing rises by the right brain (left hand, receptive side) and cuts off the FOCUS of the right hand/left brain (learned knowledge-Satan/evil inclination) so the person can become MAN, the image and likeness of God, the FORCE OF NATURE that is "FORMING" MAN within creation. So Man is not made by the culture or by religion but by the DENIAL OF SELFISHNESS and that is the ONLY WAY the anointing rises because it is presently being used for the sexual force that brings physical life into the world. If you want to bring spiritual life into the world, you deny self and the OIL, the ANOINTING RISES through the heart first (this is the birth of Messiah) and circumcision of the heart making it a JEW: Then it goes UP to the place of the SKULL with even more self denial, following this MAN CHILD up the SPINE (Aaron's rod-serpent lifted up) to bring the ANOINTING to the whole brain and this changes consciousness forever. When this happens, you KNOW JESUS and you are King David. So its up to you all: DENY your right to be right and really understand there is ONE GOD and he is the LOVE IN ALL or in nobody.

    Jesus is a Greek name for the MAN God is FORMING IN YOUR HEART and MIND (new covenant): If Jesus is not being FORMED into the FULL STATURE of the INNER MAN of your heart, the ISHYOWN (apple of Hashem's eye) then you do not KNOW him, but believe in him only: