I Died And Saw What Is Beyond The Tunnel | Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died And Saw What Is Beyond The Tunnel | Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. …"our Heavenly Father…He wants us all to be equal"…this is especially for indoctrinated and brainwashed people who have false god idol worship (idolatry) towards: professional sports athletes, music singers, TV & movie actors, and >>especially the Queen & royals who are celebrities & nothing more<<.

  2. We are moving into a higher density. Once we are all there, we will find a way to seek out the universe and live on perhaps in New Earths forever. The old world must pass away for there to be a new one. It's so clear now that our Creator was answering our questions this entire time, but since time doesn't exist, it's a long way to Tipperary, iykwim

  3. It should be obvious why there is no time in heaven. There is no such object as time. Time itself does not exist anywhere but in human minds. Similarly there are no numbers, so letters, no language, and so on. There are hundreds of none existing things that only exist in human minds.

  4. in 1973 I was pronounced "DEAD On ARRIVAL" at a medical center… More than half an hour passed, then my heart started again… During that time, I "LIFE The Real Self", entered the WHITE LIGHT, and have remained in the WHITE LIGHT to this day… Those who claim to have returned, have NOT recognize WHAT, The WHITE LIGHT really is… When you recognize WHAT the LIGHT actually is, and accept it, you remain in The LIGHT as I have…