I Died And Saw Archangel Michael, THIS Is What He Told Me | Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died And Saw Archangel Michael, THIS Is What He Told Me | Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this!
    That's pretty much like my NDE in 2018 (heart attack), no transitions or tunnel – I just "kept on" walking alone in God's place until He (pure golden light) came to collect me.
    May God bless you all!

  2. Righteousness is not something you do it’s what you believe you are the righteousness of God because of what Jesus has done you have to understand that when you say things like this to Christians!!?

  3. I do not condone you had the experience but I cannot see a holy archangel laughing and accepting of a curse word. Plus, according to God, a righteous person is a person who is saved by grace and has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as one’s Savior. God and archangels do not need us to help them. We need them to help us because we are frail and sinful. Please make sure your experience aligns with the holy Word of God. And thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you are better today.

  4. Many people claim they met jesus during their NDE. How could they recognize jesus? That's only possible when they had previous experiences with jesus. They must known jesus in his lifetime. If you experience according to your religious conditioning then your experience is an illusion. If you are moslim you experience mohamed, if you are Hindu you experience krishna , if you are christian you experience jesus ect. When you meet with your late father or mother you can recognize them. Because you knew them well. But how can you recognize jesus or angel michael? It's not possible. Experiences as the tunnel, retrospect of all events in your life, unconditional love and the being of light are real. But people misinterpret the being of light. They must accept it's not possible to know who or what's god. Every religion has it's own created image of god. And it's own created path to god. You must be free of religion. Otherwise you will be caught in all kinds of illusions.

  5. Great experience. There's truly no ego, selfishness, pride or resentment on the other side. If humans can purge themselves of these, they'll be fashioned more into the image of God. We should live to help humanity. That's our mission. That's what gives us validity to be here and be rewarded on the other side. Don't forget Jesus made all these possible through His blood.

  6. Millions of us are about to disappear.. It was not aliens , a super weapon or anything else… Jesus came to fetch his people…. Do not worship the false Jesus that will sit in the holy of holys and proclaim to be God….. Do not take the mark on your right hand or forehead….. Repent , call on Jesus Christ ….find a bible… Things will get worse and worse until Jesus comes back in the clouds….. Tell others help others.