I Died And Saw A Man With Flame Eyes | My Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died And Saw A Man With Flame Eyes | My Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. 5:00 I once saw an old women with swirling flashes in her eyes in real life. This happened the day after I had a session of purification and intense praying. I was with my friends walking when she approached. She asked for the butchery adress. She said she had some charity purposes. Then bizzarly grabbed my hand and adviced me to never forget god and always pray and she preceeded to recite the exact same verses I recited in my prayers last night, and said continue to pray like that and see how god replies. How did she know what I was saying in my prayers last night??? I was amazed and took another look at her and this time she was so near that I could not be mistken as I saw flames of fire in her green eyes. I was overwhelmed I could not believe my eyes. Her look was also so penetrating that I could no longer maintain eye contact since she looked at me as if she knew my entire life story and I got the sense that she really did. She also seemed to master place as in a few seconds that she left she was almost one mile away as me and my friends noticed and we were shocked how she reached one mile while we only took two steps and it was only just a few seconds since she left. They were laughing as they knew no other reaction to make sense of it. I have always wondered why there was flames in her eyes which we connect to negativity