I Died And Sat With A Man On A Throne During My Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died And Sat With A Man On A Throne During My Near Death Experience | NDE

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Today’s online video is made up of 2 quick near death experiences (NDE). As with all experiences of daily life after death, each has their individual uniqueness. Back links to the initial NDE are below.

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  1. Sounds like Lori's experience took her from being a lukewarm Christian to becoming an unbeliever reading what she wrote. The continuing abrupt physical changes are just creepy. Not sure about this one………Also this sounds more like "out of body" than near death to me.

  2. After hearing many of these NDE's it is apparent that the death experience is very personal and no two are exactly the same. Thank you for sharing these as it has drawn me closer to God, and helped me deal with my father's death.

  3. If you're health gets so bad blood flow to you're brain is compromised, then rational thought becomes impossible, so listening to these people make fanciful claims to me is like repeating the rambles of a drunk person who also have their thought processes compromised….it is sick to see this being encouraged, and reminds me 1% of women in the USA claim to be having a virgin birth and 100% have made some sort of vow of chastity, proving people are quite capable of lying!

  4. That is the first NDE I have heard of with that result. I really don’t know an answer concerning this matter. I’m serving God and he is having me get bladder cancer treatments which is bringing me into a different state of USA. It is where my son lives and where my daughter and her husband are wanting to live at with his mother. I’m not sure who I’m there for to help but I’m doing God’s will and going through treatments that are taking over a year. I trust God, even if it is my life that is threatened.