Hypnotherapist Reconnects Near Death Experiences With Entities in REAL TIME – Adam Dince 293

Hypnotherapist Reconnects Near Death Experiences With Entities in REAL TIME – Adam Dince 293

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Podcast guest 293 is Adam Dince. Adam Dince is a hypnotherapist accredited by the Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (INLP) Heart and the Intercontinental Hypnosis Federation. Adam specializes in latest lifestyle regression, past life regression, everyday living between life regression (LBL), and hypnotic regression tactics that heal current-existence traumas, restricting beliefs, and other hard daily life experiences. Adam refers to a new hypnotherapy modality that he’s developed as near-death experience (NDE) regression and is lined in detail in his new guide, Back again to the Beyond: Checking out Near-Death Experiences By means of Hypnosis.
In addition to hypnotherapy, Adam is a sacred medicine healer and the founder of & healer at Sacred Stairways Hypnotherapy & Healing situated in Stillwater, Minnesota. Adam is also an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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  1. This reminds me of my dear friend Naya. She hated being here after her NDE and talked all the time about going to 5d or getting out of this game/experience we are in now. But she’s home now and I’m sure she checks in on me quite often. She said when she was on the other side and someone would be thinking about her she would instantly be standing beside them. I wonder if that goes on forever. My dad has been gone for over 50 years and I wonder if he pops in everytime still?

  2. I thank Adam & Jeff from the bottom of my heart, this was a life-changing podcast for me in so many ways!! Questions answered I thought I would not know the answer before transitioning, & the vertical timeline made me drop my water! Such as beautiful soul & fantastic podcast from both Jeff & Adam!. So very grateful, profound and amazing!!! Much Love to All

  3. I’ve been struggling deeply lately and I know I was meant to hear this. It helped me understand so much. Thank You Adam, what a great guy you would be to hang out with Jeff I appreciate that without you I wouldn’t have found Adam

  4. You seem like an intelligent guy, Adam; please entertain the idea that demons who had observed your dad and/or perhaps have access to certain memories people have knew what your dad said to Roy and used it to set you up for a major deception. If, say, unsaved people have certain demons attached to them, why wouldn’t they see them perhaps again and again? I’m speaking from personal experience with similar entities.

  5. Hi Jeff, I just found your channel and I’ve been binging for the past week. Every episode has spoken to me but this one is very special. I had an NDE when I was 7 after getting hit by a car and the memory is very fuzzy so even if I did want to share I wouldn’t know what to tell. I was labeled the strange kid with a wild imagination in our family. This is very exciting to me that there may actually be a way to reconnect and have closure. Thank you

  6. Jeff, I experienced NDE in 1981. I recently had a regression. What Adam is sharing is truthful. I was able to retrieve information I knew I had received during Nde yet unable to recall. I highly encourage any NDE experiencer who needs clarification to get regressed. Thank you for this great podcast❤️

  7. As I understand it, the purpose of our lives here is to experience not-love, so we can more fully understand Love in its fullest sense. On the other side of the veil, in the real world, we are so profoundly immersed in Love (and know there is truly nothing else in the universe) we can hardly know anything else. This universal force is so powerful and multifaceted, yet so pure and simple, we can only fully know it when seen from the 'outside', as here in physical life. A bit like international travel, as in what we often call our rites of passage – you can best learn to know yourself and your home country by travelling elsewhere and looking back from outside. This is what the NDE experience teaches us.

  8. Most of us trangress forgetting all the subject matter is not known to the listener, Jeff is so attentive and is skilled at unlocking these information from his guest so we are not missing out on the complete story. You are the perfect host Jeff.

  9. its a soul trap….wake up….RELIGION IS A MATRIX SAFE GUARD , beings feed off of your hardships in this prison. your being fooled by entities …sorry but your soul is naive thats why you were put here but your ego wont let you process it….(earth = soul farm)