Howard Storm Part I & II The Chains We Forge in Life & Rescue

Howard Storm Part I & II The Chains We Forge in Life & Rescue

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In the mid 1980’s Howard Storm experienced a near-death experience. It did not start out with the refrain of angels we commonly hear about. Howard descended into a hellish state of his possess building. But he was saved by Like and a faith that he had expended his overall life up to that level rejecting.

In Elements I & II, Howard talks about his death, descent into a hellish point out and rescue by Jesus and his Angels.

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  1. Thank you Harold. I am lucky in some ways as my Father is a man that loves God, and tried all this life to do what is right. That is not to say he didn't make any mistakes. To be honest he has made so many; as we all do, we learn the most by the mistakes and our thoughtlessness and then needing to repent. Many have turned against him throughout his life, some because of the mistakes, but most because they are against Christ. But he has been steadfast in trying to do what is right in the eyes of God regardless.
    I also turned against him in my teen years and early twenties. But God kept pulling on my heart; plus life just isn't easy. Dad gave me a book that helped me a lot in my walk and gives some insight in what to expect as a child of God. Maybe it will help others too.
    Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ, written by Jean Guyon during the 16th centry Its read aloud on youtube also.

  2. His story makes me cry every single time – I relate to his feelings of unworthiness before God, to being surprised and thankful that He loves us anyway. God bless you Howard – I have prayed for you and thanked God for your courage to share your experience.

    Thank you for posting this video – it is well edited.

  3. Some people lead bad lives and think that as long as they pray they will be ok. but trust me god doesn't judge you on how many times you have been to church he is not even bothered wether you worship him or not. What he cares about is how you have treated your fellow man. how kind you are. wether you love the animals and the birds . how much respect you have for all life. wether you put other people's needs before your own..because if you do something bad to someone else you are doing it to yourself because we are all one consciousness. god is consciousness and we are all part of God because we are all literally one..

  4. Those who feel threatened by the gospel are afraid of it. If Jesus was resurrected after His sacrificial death all of His teaching is validated and must be viewed as superior to any other belief system and taken seriously. Rejecting Jesus means rejecting God and His plan of salvation. The more hatred they have for Christ the deeper the spiritual wound. The Lord would have us pray for these and call for God's blessing on them because they are spiritually blind not evil. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of darkness opposed to God. That fear and hatred is a bondage that only Christ can set them free of.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story Howard. You have no idea how a little video like this and you sharing your experience with us gives me fuel to keep pushing forward in my walk with Jesus. Jesus put you through this so that you must share your testimony. Thank you