How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides Properly

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides Properly

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Episode 2 of Time 8 of Afterlife Television (if you missed episode 1, check out that very first): Ever ponder the correct way to talk what you want and require from your spirit guides? Which is what I include in this episode. I describe why this is critical, why we generally talk the wrong messages to our spirit guides mistakenly, and how we can cease executing that to turn into better communicators.

None of us want to talk the erroneous message to our spirit guides, still people today do it each and every day. Then we wonder why our existence isn’t going the way we desire it would. But speaking effectively is straightforward if you know how to do it the right way. That is what this episode is all about. After listening to this enjoyment episode, you’ll normally be confident you might be communicating with your spirit guides without having becoming misunderstood. This episode is possibly lifestyle switching, so have exciting with it. Significantly love, Bob Olson ~ &

Loving gratitude to my spouse, Melissa, for the use of all her amazing images for our video.

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  1. Hey Bob, I love all of your videos and your new format! This is off topic but I have a very serious question. Have you heard of the idea that in order to prevent reincarnation, that we should avoid the light? It seems that a lot of people believe this. I don't but what is your take on this?

  2. Thank you, Bob, for the concise way you have of explaining things! I always seem to have a new inspiration when I listen to your program, sometimes even about subjects that I thought I was conversant with already! I guess my mind and spirit just naturally open up to receive inspiration when I hear you begin the program. Pretty neat. 🙂

  3. I'm new to this subject and I've tried to contact my spirit guide/higher self. with quieting the mind and just being in the moment or guided meditation. I get so far and then out of nowhere an overwhelming feeling of doubt creeps in that I'm just imagining it. If anyone has any idea how to stop this it would be very appreciated many thanks…….

  4. I've had your book for quite some time, but today I was listening to you, and found out about your audio book. So, I was watching different shows you had on from 2012, etc., and I was medicating on my spirit guides, thinking how I would want a small pool that my dogs could enjoy as well as me. It would have to be a small pool, that I could go into, but also my dachshunds. Most pools are not strong enough to withstand a dogs nails. So I went on Walmart, and low and behold they had these pet pools, one being 63 inches in diameter and 12 inches high. Immediately I ordered the pool. Gosh, I really believe my spirit guides answered me in my quest to be able to play and enjoy my dogs and myself in this hot weather.

  5. Bob! Love your show. Just discovered you. I’ve been wanting to get a big white board for just this reason. I don’t know why I haven’t yet. I was just thinking of it today and then I hear you say it. Which by the way, what do you think about synchronicity? It’s been happening a lot to me lately. For example, I’m in financial trouble and have randomly heard references to JD Rockefeller 3 times this week!
    I’ve been thinking negatively lately and guess what…bad things keep happening. I’m ready for a change. Thank you. Can’t wait to hear more of your videos.

  6. Hi Bob! I’ve been following you for some time… since my youngest son Nick died in November 2016 from suicide. It’s been a very hard road but one that I feel you’ve helped me through. Thank you!!!

  7. I've been working with my guides to hear them more clearly. They speak to me through numbers but I know i am capable of knowing more. You're so wonderful for sharing your talents with the world. You're worth of ounce and more of abundance that came your way. Very thankful for the info provided in this video. Light, love, abundance, and joy to you from Chicago!

  8. I've really struggled with this cuz I don't think I've ever been in contact with my spirit guides, I'm not sure that I believed at all. However I really respect you and trust in your beliefs so if you believe than I am willing to believe and open myself to all possiblities.