How To Avoid Hell in the Afterlife | What About Jesus? | Kathy McDaniel near Death Experience Part 2

How To Avoid Hell in the Afterlife | What About Jesus? | Kathy McDaniel near Death Experience Part 2

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How to Get Out of a Hellish Near Death Exerience | Kathy McDaniel Near Death Experience

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This is Component 2 of my Job interview with Kathy McDaniel about her Near Death Experience!
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  1. This is just my opinion, but it seems that Jesus features quite prevalently in hellish experiences or at least there is some reference to Christ that saves the person from the dark situation or the demons.

    Could it be that we are all of the same essence as God but also that Jesus is the next biggest light after the Source, though we are all of One light?

    Also could it be that the relevance of Christ's work is for things that need saving such as this fallen world, until some time in the future when this world would possess a new normal of 'perfection'? I am not sure about the lights that do not want to be part of this order but at least for those who do, there is this possibility??

  2. From what I understand, heaven and hell are not "places", rather they are conditions and states of our soul. A person can be in hell or heaven right now as we exist on this earth, however most people are blind to the reality of their souls condition while they're here on this Earth and in this material body. During near death experiences, that blindness/veil is lifted just a bit, and on death, it will be completely lifted, which is why I think people come back with a whole mix of different ideas and experiences. Because there are so many variables and factors involved in the condition a person's soul is in, there is no real clear-cut outcome we can reliably expect from near death experiences. It seems they are specific to each person, with some commonalities amongst them. Some experiences may serve as a reminder you're on the right path, or a warning that you were not on the right path, and there may be a million other reasons that we are unaware of for why a particular person's nde is what it is. This is my first time hearing about somebody who has had an nde and believes their nde was meant to warn other people about the path that they are on.. this was very interesting. I have the feeling this woman is much closer to the truth of reality based on what she said than most people will ever get while they are here, because as she said, people are blinded by stuff man has created and i think that may limit their spiritual progress in a lot of cases.

  3. I really needed this video. To say I've been stressed with the idea of everlasting punishment, especially with my unsaved loved ones has driven me to a borderline nervous breakdown. The stress has been immense and has made me miserable! I'm in the early stages of defragging my religious programming and this material really helps and gives me hope.

  4. Thank you soooo much for sharing your heart and your experience. Eight years ago I left the religion that I could no longer reconcile with.
    These NDE experiences were where I found the answers I was looking for and promptly started researching for myself all that I could come across.

    I, as a young girl, only wished to serve Jesus and found myself in Bible school, married, and disillusioned. I come from a line of Pentecostal ministers, preachers,
    evangelists and prophets. Leaving the religion that I had been raised in was the hardest thing I ever did……but that is a story in and of itself. lol!

    Anyways, sooooo LOVED this interview. My heart sang through the entire talk.

    P.S. I remarried a man who has had two NDEs himself. Go figure! 🙂

  5. JESUS SAVES EVERYONE IN THE END!!! THE LAKE OF FIRE IS NOT FOREVER(see links below for proof). DEATH IS REAL. Those that die have no consciousness whatsoever, there is no afterlife (Ecc 9:4-10, Psalm 6:5, Psalm 30:9, Psalm 88:10-12, Psalm 146:2-4, Psalm 115:17, Acts 2:34, Isaiah 38:18-19, Genesis 42:13,36,Lamentations 5:7, Psalm 39:13, Matthew 2:18 see below for biblegateway link)

    However, 2000 years ago a man named Jesus was born, he was the son of God. God, who always existed, begat Jesus, Jesus did not always exist. First there was the Father, God, then came his son. Jesus really is Gods son. Jesus has been given office and title and powers of God (God the Father always had these, Jesus did not, that is why God the Father gives these things to Jesus) but he is not the same being as his Father. One is immortal and could never die, the other is mortal and can die. Jesus before he was borne made everyone.

    Jesus lived a perfect life, and died on the cross as a sacrifice for you and all the bad deeds you have committed in your life, these bad deeds are called sins, we are all sinners, and the wages of sin is to suffer and eventually die.

    3 days and nights later after being totally dead (he ceased to exist and was in a lifeless corpse) in a tomb, God raised him back to life and Jesus ascended into heaven.

    Thanks to this he defeated death and sin once and for all for everyone. Since he was sinless he could die in your place. Jesus on that cross paid for all mankinds sins, the Father has accepted the payment. Everyones sins have been paid for, hence all are saved. At this momment though not all are justified (declared not guilty, sinless), justification is for all and upon all who believe. Eventually everyone will believe. Some sooner others later.

    Thanks to this, everyone will one day attain immortality and enter into the Kingdom of God, the lake of fire exists for some but it is not forever. Gods judgements are measured. In the end Jesus saves all. The cross grantees the salvation of everyone who ever lived. We have no free will. God gives faith to anyone he chooses. In the end he will give faith to all.

    proof that hell is not forever, the reason it says so in most bibles is a mistranslation of the words olam/aion/aionios (start here then go over to the 2 gospel section at the end) [the pages are out of order]

    What happens to us when we die (we cease to exist, dead people are not conscious whatsoever)

    the Rich Man and Lazarus is a parable, here is an explanation of the parable

    Why certain doctrines contradict the gospel (trinity, free will, eternal torment, going to heaven/hell immediately after you die instead of waiting for the resurrection, the immortality of the soul ) [ignore his denial of the prexisence of Jesus, I disagree with him on that, otherwise he is solid]

    predestination, free will, and the problem of evil (we have no free will, God is in control of our wills, God created evil, however evil will not last forever, once evil has served its job it will be done away with, the good it produces will last forever)

    Sin and Justifcation (believers are justified, they can not sin because they are dead to the law, God does not count their sins anymore, this was NOT something taught by Jesus when he was alive, this was reavealed only to the apostle Paul)

    other general links

    The guys below teach the 2 gospels truth (I can be wrong about this, but this is what I currently believe, first link explains the 2 gospels) [lists youtube channels that teach this stuff]

    The guys below mix the two gospel into one, but their is much truth here

    Save the links to a notepad documents and bookmark them for further reading.

  6. You cannot take the part of Jesus you like and leave out the rest of His teaching. Lol. All these people saying they Love Jesus but are discarding his teachings. Which Jesus? Surely not the historical Christ. Don’t be deceived friends.

  7. Thank you so much for these two interviews. Bless you!!! I grew up around fundamental Pentacostals. I could never buy into it. Also grew up around an alcoholic father and a mentally ill mother. Boy did I plan a life or what.
    Thank you Mel for this wonderful channel. Thank you MK and I just bought your book on Audible (glitch fixed, apparently). Love to both of you.

  8. I had a powerful NDE (had my life review and I promise the hell you’ll feel once you realize the pain you caused to those people that loved you is the real hell- we will all get to feel this so be kind and loving now so your ending will be better than your beginning!) and YES …I love Jesus as well but I guess I see him being crucified as the ultimate sacrifice that really shows how much we are to love one another – when a mother jumps in front of her child in a life threatening situation she is selfless and only feeling the love for her child. Ultimate sacrifice to lay one’s life down for another. A merciful and kind loving God would do this for His children as well. If one’s heart is that big to sacrifice their own flesh so another can live (like Jesus did bc he spoke the truth so that we may learn what love truly is- and to forgive each other and to pray for even our enemies) then I’d say he died in order so we may live correctly while here in the flesh. Not for our sins as our only sins at the time he walked the earth was being ignorant of the lessons we needed to learn about loving our neighbor as ourselves and for forgiveness – “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” made their anger towards the adulterer dissolve and they dropped their stones and walked away.
    We will learn new lessons from other teachers like Jesus in the near future. There is always more and more to learn and God will send another bigger piece of Himself to teach us even more about who He is.
    Peace and blessings to all ❤️Take care of each other.