His Near Death Experience Was Life Changing

His Near Death Experience Was Life Changing

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Podcast guest 258 is Ash Perrow. Ash Perrow life a everyday living of journey and creative imagination soon after possessing a considerable Near Death Experience (NDE) in late 2016. He’s a musician, mentor, workshop facilitator, father and electronic tale teller who is effective with others to aid them produce the lives they seek out to are living.

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  1. This is one of the two best interviews I've heard on your channel, Jeff. Ash seems like an authentic, kind person. I was very comforted by his statement that we still exist without our bodies. Many thanks to both of you.

  2. Jeff, I still don’t understand HOW to make the transition to living a life more from the heart. I realize that I’m not there but I have to pay the bills so I don’t see HOW to transition since I don’t have enough money saved up to support me while I transoion

  3. I just found this channel recently and have n=been binge watching videos. One piece of constructive feedback is not having "leading questions". I think a lot of the guests are very insightful and are able to tell their story on their own. I understand some people don't have the vocabulary to describe their experience but giving too many ideas or literally asking a question with the intention of drawing out specific information is not authentic on their part. There is another way to question and bring our authenticity.

  4. Whether it's actually our Higher Self or a Spirit Guide, quite frequently we do need to leave certain relationships behind. Spirit in whatever form cannot tell us what to do unless it's in case of an emergency situation that is not in our contract but they can encourage us to take a certain direction if it's for our Highest Good. Our "personality" self often fights this but our "individuality" knows it's correct and once we move on it's like the magnet on my refrigerator "when one door closes, another one opens". His experience with this, and Jeff's questions, were so well explained.

  5. This testimony by Ash, resonates more than any other with me. Thank you Ash and thank you Jeff for excellent interview. Beautiful, helpful, gentle, authenticity, …many of us will carry this lesson into our own future easily. Many thanks.