He’s Gone. It’s My Fault. An Afterlife Perspective.

He’s Gone. It’s My Fault. An Afterlife Perspective.

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Afterlife Tv NEW Episode: Here’s an consideration grabber. In this episode, I talk about the afterlife standpoint when someone feels responsible for another’s passing. This is the issue that commences this episode, which sales opportunities to a discussion about what it means when existence is lower short. So significantly to discover and ponder in this thought-provoking clearly show. Enjoy!

Shots in video clip by Melissa Olson.

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Scarlett Lewis’ interview: Afterlife Enjoy Tale: Selecting Light Where by Darkness Looms
https://www.afterlifetv.com/2015/02/26/afterlife-like-story-deciding on-light-darkness-looms/

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  1. This is definitely relabatable for me because my son Chris died a few months ago very suddenly and I didn't get to say goodbye. I am still waiting for the autopsy and police report. He was going into the Air force but never got to. But he and I got to spend valuable time together up to 3 weeks before he passed and I look back that God knew he was going to be taken from me soon and gave me that…so thank you for this today as I am struggling a lot with my son never coming back to me in this life. Btw I bought your book, loved it and have lent it out to other people to read. It changed their life. ❤❤

  2. Thanks for this video Bob. I am struggling greatly with the sudden passing of my mum almost 1 year ago. Intense feelings of guilt and regret that makes life unbearable most days. I desperately need to be with her again and these videos give me hope that I will be with her again in heaven. Home is where my mother is.

  3. I couldn't agree more about time to die. Everything I have ever studied suggest that is exactly the case. When your time is up heaven will come and bring you home. The death of my dad in 1989 sent me on a soul seeking journey. I have been looking into everything I can ever since to understand why we die young. I have come to believe that there are no accidents from heaven's perspective and that feeling guilty about the death of a loved one is self defeating. Some things truly are preordained. Take comfort in knowing our loved one has simply returned to their true home.

  4. Thank you Bob!! Very insightful. ! I read, listen to a lot on this subject. Every now and again some stories are just very powerful for me.This show was 1 of them. I feel very comforted right now. Light & love to you and everyone listening to this program.

  5. My ex husband, who was in my care for 2 years suffering from cancer, come around for at least 2 to 3 weeks after his death, turned on lights and most striking showed up in small smokie white marble balls in large moving waves of energy. He was here for sure.

  6. Love your videos so much…my mom died in February and I was not able to be with her..my quilt has been killing me and the grief is so overwhelming..I have had signs and dreams which I am thankful for but I keep doubting myself

  7. I have had many precognitive dreams and several spirtiual experiances inluding contact with one of my spirit guides and perhaps an angel on three different occasions. Near death experiance at 17 and I'm now 66. Most of my friends (I make new ones) and about half of my family have passed. I've developed a habit of taking my laptop to bed and listening to your videos lately. The other morning I was listening to one and saw you in my dream as plain as day. Our eyes met and I woke up and straightened out my head about what just happened. Very vivid. Makes me think we will meet in person someday. Maybe not.