Her Soul Fought To Stay During Her Near Death Experience

Her Soul Fought To Stay During Her Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 235 is Kristina Marie. Kristina experienced a near death experience on 5/18/2021. Her nde experience lasted 6 hours and she experienced a life review and an out of body experience. Her near-death experience changed her daily life.

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  1. This interview made no sense to me at all, bless her soul it is too soon to process all of it, but could not keep up where she googled it, saw it not sure, the interviewer should of guided her more, hope her book makes more sense than this interview

  2. Thank you Jeff! I think that I could understand almost the hole thing. I'm brazillian and sometimes it's difficult to understand some parts. First I'd like to thank you for the way you asks questions because it's so clear to understand. Sometimes is hard, but in general it's OK.
    I couldn't undestand the first part. Kristina seems to do a research on some article about past lifes or rencarnation, right? But I don't understand when she talks about an energy warning her to not look at those kinds of articles… What kind of energy alert her to not do it? Was a negative energy with deceiving purpouses or the good one, for good pourposes?
    It's crucial for me to understand the hole account… Thank you Jeff!

  3. I think one of reasons she is back is to learn not to be so hard on herself – NOT to judge herself anymore. God didn't throw the bible at her. Men did and traumatised her from her earliest childhood. She is still on a path to healing and it takes time – part of her lesson too. It's a very painful experience but NOT a negative one. Tell her to look up a character – Dick Emery. British. Comedian. He played a character 'Mandy' back in the 70s. Was sooooo funny. That was me. I'd go up to the clerics in my gear, fur coat and spandex and we chat and I looked and would say, 'Are you suggesting I'm….. How dare you ! Ohhhh, you are awful, but I like you'. Then take a bible out of my handbag/purse and whack them over the head with it.

  4. this makes my blood boil just aaa liiittle bit. she said there are souls lined up to live here and we shouldnt waste it, but on the other hand shes the luckiest person because she knows her mission. i need to know what my purpose is to not waste this life. its so annoying to hear that this life is such a gift, but we lose all memory why. how can i be greatfull for this pain worry 24 7, to me its just that without any meaning.

  5. Nice video, my son had a NDE when i gave birth to him, he‘s clinically dead for almost 15. min.. since then i’m always curious what happened to him that time that he was clinically dead, he stayed in iCU after that and he got healed so fast this experience led me to watch NDE‘s regularly and so happy i found your channel. More power and enjoy.

  6. I hope Kristina has watched a lot of the other podcasts one Jeff's channel in the intervening months. I believe that doing so will have helped her a lot.
    I'm only up to the 47 minute point; so, Jeff might still address it before the end of the interview; but, I feel the need to point out that whoever it was who told her that past lives weren't real were DEAD-ASSED WRONG!!! I know from both personal experience and extensive research over the course of about 60 years that past lives are 100% REAL! There are even a few remaining references to reincarnation still left in the bible, despite Emperor Constantine having most of them purged.
    I don't know if she's still monitoring these comments or not; but, it might help her (or at least others) to know that souls do NOT have either race or gender. These are strictly physical attributes: chosen prior to birth to best facilitate our goals for the upcoming life. "Sexuality" is VERY different from love; but, too commonly, distorted to be interchangeable ~ esp. in our grossly over-sexualized & materialistic society. "Gender confusion" is further compounded by the presence of so many hormones & toxins in the food & water supplies, as well as the evil sickos who abuse kids. Rigid gender stereotypes can be especially difficult for kids who come into their current life without an understanding of reincarnation. It's quite common for our souls to try to maintain some semblance of a balance; since, some goals can be better accomplished by coming into a body which is of a different gender than what they've used in most previous lifetimes. In addition to procreation, physical bodies have differences "hard wired in" which (also) facilitate specific goals which we might set (pre-birth) for our soul's growth.

    I would try to make this clearer; but, I'm exhausted… Maybe I'll come back & try to edit it, when I have the time to do so…