Her Near Death Experience Changed Her Views on Religion | Karen Thomas Near Death Experience PART 2!

Her Near Death Experience Changed Her Views on Religion | Karen Thomas Near Death Experience PART 2!

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  1. The Qur'an says emphatically there will be a final judgement by Allah.
    Shouldn't it be deconstructed, as well?
    I don't understand why Christianity is always the primary target of deconstruction.
    Buddhism and Hinduism have Karmic fatalism, too. Why not deconstruct them?

  2. I think Karen might be confusing what is commonly taught as Christianity with what is actually taught at the ancient Hebrew and Greek level of the Bible. Many believe erroneously about the afterlife and this is due to bad translations of the Bible. In the ancient languages, Hell is actually Hades, which simply means "place of the dead". According to the earliest Christians, there are upper levels and lower levels of this "afterlife". Also, according to most of the early Christians, one can get out of the hellish forms of the afterlife, as it is designed for "correction" not "torture". So Hell is not a place to torture people, but rather to restore people. Perhaps someone did some very evil things when they were on earth. They could there relive what they did to others or something similar. This would be until they are able to turn from their evil towards God (this is what the word repentance means). Of course, if there is a Heaven and there is a God, this God would be one person. If there is God A, B, C and D and you see God A in Heaven, clearly telling people it is OK to believe in God B, C and D would be like me lying about you and saying you are something you are not. So this idea of "any religion" is illogical. This was one of her conclusions. In reality, a lot of what you see taught in the Church regarding the Afterlife is very wrong compared to the ancient languages of the Bible. There are also several other topics where you would be shocked to learn how the Bible is completely different than what is commonly taught in many Church. The sex topic would be one example and there are others. At any rate, this is my two cents. There are many people who have Hell NDEs. Just because Karen here did not see Hell, does not mean it does not exist. It also does not mean that those relatives she saw did not at one time go through Hell as well. As I believe some will go through it and then land in Heaven later.

  3. The problem with following what feels right for you is that your feeling right is Unconditional love. But we have to define what love is. What one person defines as love, someone else does not. Some people are trying to decriminalise paedophilia because they absolutely believe that that is loving and that everyone should have their free will, and outside of being able to say what love is absolutely there is no way to say. This is where we need to be honest and say that without an external moral system…we have no way except what any given society or group defines as ok or as love, or why even we should love or what it even means to love.
    I'd agree that few churches show unconditional love that the Bible talks about. They are much more interested in being right than being loving. Much more focused on left brain rationalistic logic, arguments truth and strategies than right brain character building relationships, identity, relational skills with one another, having a relationship with Jesus, healthy correction, growing to become more Jesus like in character.

  4. You should all research hell testimonies of those who died and saw hell . Ian mccormack , howard storm , sean weed and hundreds more . All went there who denied Jesus . I have met some of them . Ian wrote to me after being in hell and heaven first that reincarnation is a lie from the pit of hell . Not what Jesus taught . He was also in heaven after being shown hell when he died and was in front of Jesus . God who is LOVE but also when a person dies for good they do face judgement and will either know Jesus as their judge or Lord and savior . Also Ian who was dead and in front of Jesus in heaven knew he was God and the only way to heaven . Many have seen this . I studied heaven and hell testimonies for a decade after being in heaven w Jesus in a heaven vision dream . Ive enconteted Jesus and know who I am ans know we only live once on earth such as those who died an saw hell and heaven and knew thr gospel was real including a buddhist monk who died an saw only true christians knew the truth . Jesus loves u and this woman may have seen a minute of heaven becz she was a christian an thosw she saw went to God last minute . But the enemy is for sure devieving her . Thosw who got set free of new age and shown true christians know truth like me know ‘ spirit guide ‘ is another word for demon . Satan disguises himself as an angel of light and if she is twisting Gods word as the word says if anyone teaches a false gospel let them be accursed . Jesus is God and truth and Loves all here . He has shown me way different . But please do thorough research and learn from those who discovered hell and judgement are also very real . This woman is deceived and leading people astray. I will pray for her. God bless

  5. So thankful for this interview, she is the first person I heard express how the Bible was changed. The Bible was penned by people often hundreds of years after the events took place and yes it was influenced by the dogma of what the church wanted the people to believe; it was not precipitated on a tablet like Moses's Ten Commandments. Reincarnation was originally in the Bible and removed too, for reasons of "control", I believe during the time of Constantine. Also many people interpret the Bible literally when it is filled with metaphors, allegory, parables, and much symbolism and therefore misleads and confuses many who try to live by the Bible word for word.

  6. I am new to this channel but I just want to mention that I am appreciative of the interviewer who it is apparent has a solid background from which she can ask thought-provoking and profound questions.

  7. It amazes me how so many NDE’s that show people hell and then heaven, people that came to Christ because of their NDE, and then people like this who kinda just say “meh, we all going to heaven….” like, does any of this make sense? How is their such a juxtaposition between NDEs unless they really are just peoples subjected thoughts? Pretty damn confusing if you ask me.

  8. Going to church is much different than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many get these two mixed up. Even though I am a born again Christian my personal relationship with Jesus is what is most important to me and foremost in my mind. Jesus has answered so many of my prayer requests in my struggles to stay afloat due to the loss of my husband. I know He is there for me because He has been. However, Jesus wants us to socialize with others that believe in Him so it doesn't hurt to attend this sweet time with believers.

  9. Im sure theres alot that was not revealed to her if it was an true experience, which I believer it prob was. Jesus is the one in scripture that said the parable of Lazarus & the rich man, albeit there could be a deeper meaning besides the obvious compassion for everyone in need & its hard to believe evil hateful satanic people that hate God & dont want grace, would be in heaven but no matter, nobody knows the magnitude of Gods mercy & grace through Jesus Christ

  10. I was raised in church as a little girl that if we did not accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior that we would go to hell. I think I accepted this for fear and fear is what led me to doing this. I love God and I love Jesus but I wish I had not been led to him for fear of hell.

  11. I understand the person who owns this YouTube channel was burned by religion and seems to have an agenda to discredit the limited "religious doctrines" through NDEs. But perhaps it isn't the best way of addressing the wrongs of "religion" to use NDEs to condemn religion and especially the Christianity. I do think NDEs do a much better job of helping people understand what God's love and Jesus' teachings look like than most religious doctrines do. But that doesn't mean you can tear that away from the context most people are familiar with, just as Karen took time to understand that God's love was so much more than the tenets of fundamentalism, and just didn't dismiss her faith right away, but allowed it to grow in a different path. In the era of materialism, in which it seems increasing difficult to truly have faith in things beyond our sensory earthly experiences or external religious rules, I think it is much better to use the venues of faith and/or science so that people can find signposts which are familiar and "grounding" before helping them explore things beyond their experience and this is the way Jesus taught as well. I am not a huge fan of institutionalized religion, but I am a Christian, and NDEr, and believe God's love is real. I think Karen knows what I am trying to explain. I John 4.

  12. So there’s a few things I found confusing.

    You mentioned the book of life in your experience, but what would be the purpose of a book of life if everyone just goes to heaven. Second question, if nothing is really sin or wrong, then why did Jesus have to die, or even come at all? Third, if reincarnation is real why were your family members waiting for you in heaven rather than reincarnated?

  13. We are all sinners and fall short in God his glory – how to be saved – this is the gospel of salvation – 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 by trusting and believing the gospel of salvation you are saved and sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise till the day of redemption and nothing can pluck you out of the Father his hand – only by the shed blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we can be washed and cleansed from all of our unrighteousness – eternal security is a free gift – it's a promise and God Almighty cannot lie!!! Have a blessed day!

    Salvation is not getting your sins forgiven, it's believing they already ARE!

    This is the gospel of salvation – 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4
    Witnesses of Christ's resurrection. 1) Moreover,brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2) ''By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3) For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4) And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.

    IT IS FINISHED… Paid in Full !!! But, You Must BELIEVE IT – 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV.

    Religion is always dealing with you and what you're doing and what you're not doing,
    anytime you're sitting around thinking what should I be doing you're under religion,
    the grace of God is dealing what Christ did.
    Under religion man always says look what I'm doing for you God and under grace Christ says look what I did for you man.
    Under religion man says look how I went to church under the grace of God Jesus said look how I went to Calvary.
    Under religion man says look at how I was raised in my denomination and under grace Christ says look how I was raised from the dead.
    Under religion man says look at how I gave my money and under grace Jesus says look at how I gave my life.
    Under religion man says look God at how I confessed my sins and under grace Jesus says look man how I took away your sins.
    Under religion man says look God at how I stood up against sin and under the grace of God Jesus says look man at how I died for your sins.
    Under religion man says look God at how I judged the lost world and under grace Jesus says look man at how I saved the lost world.
    Under religion man says look God at how I got up and marched against these evildoers and under grace Jesus says look man how I suffered and died for evildoers.
    Under religion man says look God at how I bow down to you and under grace Jesus says look man and how I became one of you.
    Under religion man says look God at how I healed the sick and under grace Jesus says look man how I raised the dead.
    Under religion man says look God at how I spoke in tongues and under grace Jesus says look man at how I spoke in life.
    Under religion man says look God at how successful my life was and under grace Jesus says looked me at how successful my death was.
    Religions my friends is always man trying to reach up to God with self effort to be accepted by God.
    Through classic Christianity was God reaching down to man through Jesus with love and acceptance and that's why Paul said we preach Christ and Christ crucified a stumbling block to the Jews foolishness to the Gentiles but to those whom God has called both Jews and Gentile Christ the power of God and wisdom.

    Source ''Truth Time Radio''.

    Like many "Christians" today, Satan believes Jesus died on the cross, but not for HIS sins. He believes Jesus has risen, but not for HIS eternal life.

    Satan believes the event of the cross but never put his trust in Christ's finished work for salvation.

    Salvation is not: Believing there is a God. (Satan believes that)

    Salvation is not: Believing Christ was the Messiah. (Satan believes that)

    Salvation is not even… Believing Christ died, was buried and rose the third day. (Satan believes that also)

    Salvation is: Believing Christ died for YOUR EVERY SIN and trusting that He rose to give you eternal life IN HIM!

    Something Satan and most Christians want no part of because of their PRIDE!

    If denominationalists truly believed Christ forgave their sins, they wouldn't spend so much time trying to GET them forgiven.

    One tells you to pray for forgiveness.

    One tells you to confess for forgiveness.

    One tells you to believe for forgiveness.

    One tells you to repent for forgiveness.

    One tells you to be baptized for forgiveness.

    And keep in mind, all of these folk with a straight face will tell you Christ DIED for your sins. Welcome to Nutsville!!! I think Dorothy got lost on the yellow brick road.

    Today I unapologetically proclaim that there is only one way to be saved, and it has nothing to do with getting your sins forgiven. Salvations through FAITH. (Ephesians 2:8-9) Without faith it is impossible to please God.

    Salvation comes to those who are ready to give up on THEIR performance and rest their faith in JESUS' performance.

    The path to salvation is narrow. SO narrow that nothing you do will fit.

    Satan will never be saved for the same reason he was kicked out of heaven. P-R-I-D-E. (Isaiah 14:12-14)

    Read carefully and count how many times he says "I".

    How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

    Satan is obviously a Narcissist!

    Like a vain person in front of the mirror, five times in only three verses he boasts of himself. Pride keeps Satan from being saved as it does most of the world. They have fallen victim to SELFIANITY and are incapable of letting go and letting God. Incapable of taking their filthy hands off their salvation and allowing God to save them by HIS finished work!

    If you say — "I said a prayer for forgiveness." "I confessed for forgiveness." "I believed for forgiveness." "I repented for forgiveness." "I was baptized for forgiveness."

    Then sadly you have fallen for the five I's just like Satan.

    Salvation is not getting your sins forgiven, it's believing they already ARE!

    To be saved, you must first get "I" out of the way.

    Source ''Truth Time Radio'' for solid teaching/rightly dividing the word of truth – also here on youtube – learn the truth and unlearn the lies!

  14. And it also says that there’s an appointed time…a final judgement.
    Of all the near death experiences it’s obvious that these people wouldn’t or haven’t experienced said judgement, just as it wasn’t the appointed time of their final death, pretty logical to me.

  15. 1:33 – she came back from experience n had hard time because she had been completely filled with no judgement. Back in church they said some will b accepted, some not. Only accepted if u believe in Jesus. Some of her family hadn't been fundamentalist, born again were in heaven.

  16. Don't idolise the Bible, it is still something with a form. It is not infallible, though portion of it are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Always be guided by the Holy Spirit and the highest principle of Love.

  17. Her testimony is convincing and very comforting but I find the idea of reincarnation troubling. My life has been good in many ways but the idea of returning to live over and over again is not appealing to me. I'd prefer to think that I will live in heavenly bliss for eternity as traditional Christianity teaches. Am I unusual in thinking this way?

  18. Brain and soul I think is similar to your iPhone and iCloud memory , while your phone has memory but it will be gone when your phone died. While memory /data sync to iCloud is relatively eternal …. I think today with advancement in technology it’s easier for us to somehow understand how the spiritual and the physical world interacted. It’s much harder to understand even 20 years ago.

  19. If the gospels are any indication of what Jesus really said, I think Christians might do themselves a favor reading Matthew 15.24 (KJV) "… I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." I don't know how much clearer it can be said. Jesus literally said he was sent only to Israel. He was THEIR holy man. Maybe, now that he is in eternity again, he can be a guide to others also, but reading verses like that, even according to the bible, there could be many guides. And I think there are. To each nation or group or maybe even a single person, his/her/their own.

  20. Jesus spoke of Hell with a dire warning and He said that the soul that sins will die. He also said the road to Heaven is narrow and only a few find it and that no one comes to the Father but through HIM. Not through yoga or some yogi, or Buddah or Allah or some other thing. He is the Only Door.

    So, while an NDE is an interesting account of some sort of event that occurs in a type of spiritual context it likely has little or nothing to do with the reality of what will occur when it has all be said and done.

    Somewhere, I read or maybe I heard, that our spirits or our souls go to some place at the moment of our deaths and that Judgment will come at a later time. The reality is we simply don't know but I do know that Jesus is God's only begotten son Who died for all of our sins and I will trust His Word over any other testimonies.

  21. A religion, or belief system, to me is like asking someone to set you on a road, and direction to follow when you're lost. When you realize you have your own personal map inside your own pocket to navigate life with, you no longer NEED a religion to navigate life. You take control of your own life and destiny which is life's greatest adventure! ✨️

  22. More than ever, I'm comforted by your podcasts, and grateful to Karen for sharing her story. I found out yesterday that a member of my family who I love very much, has stage 4 cancer. We've been raised with strict and scary teachings, but I've been able to comfort her as well with what I've learned. We both have come to a definite conclusion that has given us such peace: that God's very nature is love, and we need not be afraid of the hereafter. I'm grateful for God's guidance for the past few weeks. Love and peace to you, Mel, and to Karen.

  23. Yuppie. I've always thought, the 99 theses could have easily been 9,999 theses and still wouldn't have removed all of the Roman filth from the Bible. More Christians should learn about the farce that was the council of nicea, and what really happened there.