Heaven Is Real — Ron and Glenda Pettey

Heaven Is Real — Ron and Glenda Pettey

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  1. love this .. truly gives me hope.. the part when he says he saw aborted children holding there adult selfs..made me cry ..sad to say but i was raped and had gotten a abortion and it tears me up to this day having very little hope for its soul and mine but now he says he saw this i really believe i love Jesus and so glad he shared his story!!!

  2. Glenda is my cousin; so I know their story pretty well. If you knew these dear people, you would be astounded by their humility and sincere desire to help other people. Ron died last week from complications of MS. His physical difficulties explain why Glenda carried the conversation rather than Ron. I hope that skeptical people (most of us) can find some hope in their story.

  3. majority of people don't understand the couple's story. The reason why sometimes the wife controlling ron's story because he came back to life with disabilities after being dead. He had suffered of short time memory loss but having a gift of seeing unnatural things like angels or something supernatural. The point of the story -God uses foolish things to confront the wise.
    Ron's memory sometimes will come back and sometimes forgetting everything. He is a disabled person but God still uses him ..