He Was Struck By Lightning and Had A Near Death Experience

He Was Struck By Lightning and Had A Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 271 is Paul Aurand. Paul was struck by lightning and had a spiritually transformative near death experience. He recalled his NDE experience in the course of a hypnotherapy session. Paul Aurand is an award profitable Grasp Hypnotherapist who has labored in the field for around 35 decades. He also has a new e book out known as Vital Healing. Paul delivers support by applying Necessary Healing,
Hypnotherapy, Regression Remedy, Past Life Regression, Existence Amongst Lives and Body Wisdom.

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  1. THANK YOU JEFF for this important introduction ! Much to re-listen to ! I am VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOU JEFF ! And truly hope and intend to contribute financially to you in your great work, sooner than later when i am able to !!! <3 <3 <3

  2. So much of what he had to say resinates with me. I feel he is a wise soul and Im blessed to have ran across this podcast. Love and Light to all and may we all realize we are on this planet to love one another even if we have different priorities or beliefs. We have the ability to heal so much division and hurt in the world by simply spreading love and light

  3. This is not directed at this guest, but I notice a lot of NDE-ers release books. Part of me understands why. They want to share their experience. Another part of me thinks, they made it all up to sell books because money. I know this is cynical, but the paranormal, alt, psychic etc communities are so bloated with 'genuine' people super flogging books and getting paid to talk at venues it's hard not to figure out what's true and what's fake. I know. I know. None of it is fake. Nobody ever lies. How could I think such a thing. Yeah, people are people. As soon as money is involved, many of them lie. On the other hand, I wonder how many amazing experiences will never be shared because the person who had the experience doesn't feel comfortable going on YouTube, giving talks or selling books. It's a minefield.

  4. Definitely one of my favorites. Could have listened to him for hours. And he made me laugh describing his spirit guide. Love it! Just goes to show you the beings on the other side are not stiff and serious and are actually quite funny! This man is extremely knowledgeable and wise and articulate.
    Sometimes I cant finish the whole interview because people just ramble on about themselves but this guy was right on point and offered so much knowledge.

  5. “The realization that your consciousness lives on after you died is profound…To experience the unconditional love is beyond this planet earth…something made me more a loving being…Another one is …a sense of ONENESS, we are ONE, … am longing for that connectedness. This is being connectedness, we are ONE…Listen to your heart, listen to your soul, listen to your spirit…Reincarnation…an indication of there is life after death…Those on the other side try to connect with us…”

  6. Hi Jeff,,, i did had an NDE in 2018,, but never been aware of it till i listen & read about it,,, then all at a sudden,, just kidding arround with my wife trying to hypnotise her, i succeeded and regressed her to her past life ,,, and the next hypnosis i sent her to Planet Neptone,,, afterwards i hypnotised more than 10 People,,, and it is working perfectly without any studies nor training.

  7. I never understood why we can’t remember our past lives. It’s like if we remember our current lives up until day 50 then we have Alzheimer’s and are expected to keep learning until our life is over.