He Was Protected By A Hawaiian Family Guardian During His Near Death Experience

He Was Protected By A Hawaiian Family Guardian During His Near Death Experience

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Podcast guest 391 is David J. Wallace. David has experienced a number of near-death experiences. For the duration of 2 of his NDE experiences he was secured by a Hawaiian guy.

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  1. I have seen that guy when i was child 5 or very child he dress like 19 century man long black cilinder hat he is tall and black jacket and robe hes dress is very much like abraham lincolns type dress exactly..

  2. Anyone interested ? Put this in your search box :” Satan’s name is God You Tube “. This is correct. Even the Bible refers to this entity as being the God of this world or more correctly this present world system.
    So every time christians and none christians talk to God or about God, it is this dark entity they are talking too or talking about. And he loves this. Makes him feel important, which feeds his ego.
    After I attended regularly for 48 years and raised my children in church I came to realize the true creator did not want me to drink my elder brother’s blood nor eat his flesh and stopped that cannibalistic practice. The bible says Yeshua is our elder brother. Then I listened to this Rabbi Nehemiah Gordon’s testimony about his many year search for Creators true name which he found to be Yehovah ! This is not the same being the Jehovah Witnesses teach and believe in.
    After I listened to Rabbi Gordon 4 times I talked to a dear friend about my finding the true name. As I spoke this name YEHOVAH power came into and upon me for approx 30” and following this event some serious health issues kept getting better daily until I was totally healed of something very serious. This happened December 2019. II tried to testify about my healing in the last fellowship I attended but was not allowed to finish the entire story. So I have chosen to part company and keep my spiritual walk right at home. At age 82 and knee deep snow this winter, it is much safer staying home. Also decided to no longer put my money into organized religion but rather bless someone I know to be in need.

  3. I pray my Heaven looks like Hawaii!!. I had the privilege of living on Oath fir 5 yrs (my dad was stationed at NAS Barbers Point). Anyway I loved it there So Much and compared every place I lived after that (no other place could Touch It…it truly is 'Paradise'. I enjoyed your NDE story so much! You seem like such a Beautiful Person…God Bless You…Aloha!!

  4. When I lived on Oahu I was protected by the Kahuna spirits. Normally when I got high in the states I eventually get extremely paranoid but when I once got high in Hawaii I felt them protecting me from the paranoia. They even introduced themselves as a whole, to me once at a leeward side park while I was trying to sleep in my car. Fantastic experience. I got what was told to me later as "Hit in the chest". But it felt more like a spiritually powerful loving embrace and influence through my chest. Very interesting video! One problem, I too had many OBE's/visions etc.. and never were they negative, not once …but in many I had a fear I had to face first and though even though I may be a bit of a coward in physical life I seem to be fearless in the spiritual world so i don't see demons or anything evil, ever. Also I don't see preconceived (biblical) things there but as they actually are or very close to it. Also I also was in the house but left through the front door, that is when my dream turned into a fantastic OBE that I will never forget.

  5. "These guys are not who you think they are" <————THIS IS EVERYTHING. After being "compelled" towards NDEs and listening to/reading over 100s of them… I have to say that it seems ever more important to have a good sense of "God" by whatever name you call your creator; a good sense of "right" from "wrong" and try your best to choose "right" in every moment and if/when you leave this dimension it seems CRUCIAL to "challenge" whatever beings meet you, surround yourself in divine protection and call on your CREATOR for protection/guidance. This NDE definitely re-instated these beliefs for me. GOD BLESS YOU ALL ON YOUR JOURNIES! 🙂