He Saw His Future in his Near Death Experience! | Dennis Bullock Near Death Experience!

He Saw His Future in his Near Death Experience! | Dennis Bullock Near Death Experience!

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He Noticed His Long run in his Near Death Experience! | Dennis Bullock Near Death Experience!

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This is portion 1 of Dennis Bullock’s Near Death Experience tale!
Listed here is the connection to portion 2: https://youtu.be/uYjxfi8BUao

Dennis has executed with Prince, Tyka Nelson, James Brown, Mason Parker, The Stylistics, Billy Paul, Kool and the Gang, David Sandborn, Markus Miller, Connie Harvey, was qualifications singer for Teddy Pendergrass, Joe Sample, George Duke and Quincy Jones, performed with some of the horn part of Michael Jackson, Alan prater, Westly Phillips, and executed with
Zuccero in 2016 on Tv in Zurich Switzerland.


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  1. I love this interview. I love this man. Every word ressonates with me. I had a similar experience as Dennis described when he spoke with his mother and the guide that brought her to him. When he asked all the questions about life, why we are here, etc. – and the Angel told him – "I'll answer all your questions but you won't be allowd to remember" My beautiful husband of 28 years died on October 3rd, 2020. He came to me in a dream a few months later and we were so happy and excited to see eachother. I asked him what it was like to take his last breath, and how it is where he's at, adn how was he able to come to me, and more. And he told me EVERYTHING! I remember him telling me but I can't remember a word he said. But I wll never forget – and will always be grateful that I got to experience him. It was REAL.

  2. This man & all that he said was just incredible.
    As I'm listening to him & he says there were many Jesus's & many Christ's & a christ energy that was very high energy & I'm thinking That would've been " Thoth" & the " Emerald Tablets " , which Thoth wrote is the true bible.
    Thankyou both. I've sent this to an old pal as both she & I have lost a friend 5 days ago. Steve is now with the divine pure love creator ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  3. Finally someone brings about the true idea of treating Gods and ourselves, which is free from the manipulative thoughts given us.
    this interview is truly fascinating in a way of trustworthy information.
    thank you so much for sharing this wonderful insight and wake-call^^

  4. If I could replicate 2nd experience, I'd like to get that cake recipe.

    Your mom saved you from living hell with warning about the pregnancy trap. Yes, pay attention to the gut feelings and warnings or pay the price for not doing so. I had to find out the hard way.

  5. Fantastiskt interview… Thanks Dennis and Melissa. He cleared up a lot of questions and confusion I had about karma.
    I’ve had two fairly short OBE’s in my life, so that proved (to me at least), that our soul/spirit continue on after physical death. Just wish there was an easy technique to induce the OBE at will. Would love to explore “the other side” more.