He Saw Heaven During His Near Death Experience

He Saw Heaven During His Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 251 is Luke Noske. Luke had a near death experience at age 30 and saw Heaven. Soon after his NDE experience he came experience to encounter with God in his front yard.

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  1. Did he say "I looked at my dead wife", and then he mentioned a "coffin"? But she was asleep in the room next to him, or wasn't she? It's a big inconsistency in his story. I guess he was so excited reliving what he had experienced that it slept of his mouth…

  2. Now, I've almost to the end of video, he's discussing the UFO experience. My take on this guest is he's authentic to a fault and he has a lot packed into his experiences. He's existing at an extremely high vibration. Most humans are vibrating at a much slower speed, but not this one. He's good for at least a two or three times guest appearance. I enjoyed this one.

  3. I love this interview! I have already watched it twice and I want more with some of your speakers I wish you were able to talk on as long as they can tell you the story. I don’t care if it took six hours. I just wouldn’t watch it live and then I would be able to turn it off and take a break and go back to it. Thanks Jeff

  4. love this guy.. he was on the live stream on Jan 29th 2022 and i said i would come and watch his episode and I just love him.. he talks like a regular person.. "Dude"" I would love to sit down and have a conversation with him.

  5. Aloha Jeff!! I've been watching you for a few months now, I just watched this one today. I feel this one touched me more than any of the hundreds I've watched! I agree with another comment I read here, please… please… invite him back again so we can hear more!!

  6. I am going back and listening to all these NDE videos. The reason? The spiritual power of them is contagious and I feel like I am shifting and changing just by listening to them… although my whole life I’ve been different and longed to go home, I used to not know why but now I do. I wish so very much to have a full- blown NDE. I have had an experience that I cherish deeply but it was not the whole shebang.