He Learned He Was A Jewish Doctor During WW2 From The Akashic Records – Adam Gell 473

He Learned He Was A Jewish Doctor During WW2 From The Akashic Records – Adam Gell 473

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  1. Ich habe auch Erinnerungsfetzen von ein paar Inkarnationen von mir. In einem davon war ich ebenfalls in einem Konzentrationslager umgekommen. Ich weiß aber nicht, ob ich Jude, homosexuell oder ein Dissident war.

  2. This was a beautiful recounting of the journey to locate the meaning behind the missing pieces of Adam's family history. So much healing for him and his father, and family.
    The travels to Russia to delve into getting the truth and finding his grandfather's grave,
    where he left a flower were both poignant and a loving gesture. Finding a former student of his grandfather was amazing, there are no coincidences. I look forward to viewing this film.
    Learning about one's past family history helps piece together to understand and heal all of the generations. Very cool about the Akashic Records. Will have to access that link also.

    Thanks, Jeff and Mara, for your excellent podcast presentations with your outstanding and fascinating guests. Thanks for allowing us to gain access to the keys of universal knowledge.

  3. There was a recent interview that I found accidentally on YouTube of a Rabbi interviewing a Jewish woman who wrote a book of her interviews of 100s of current day people who remember their lives during the holocaust.

  4. Fantastic video, thanks so much to both of you. The story about the grandmother showing pics really hit home. My grandmother used to do the same with me, pics of her ancestors in Europe with the old fashioned clothing. I also really like how Adam is addressing male identity. There is a real crisis in this country with regards to that, boys are tuning out and society has somewhat neglected them. Hope that society sees that there is a potential problem ahead for all if the boy- crisis continues.

  5. im pretty sure it was edgar casey that first mentioned the akashic records , when people start talking like there confident on any of this stuff i tune out even with people like sad guru he gets way to cocky sometimes but i still love him , just have to mention the jews had slaves also just like the christians and muslims, remember that fact when anyone brings up any of those religions and speaks about god

  6. Wow, he is a komi (jr, well, part komi anyway)? That's cool, komi are great northen people. Seems like my great-grandfather was almost a neighbor of Adam's granddad 😉 what a small planet we have and what a tiny world of random youtube users it is 🙂

  7. Wow, I feel the intense emotional energy Adam has been working through. He sure keeps a stern poker face but I feel through it 🙂
    Adam, I'm happy to see you on this path. I'm glad our paths crossed even this much.

    From experience I can say it's oddly emotional to experience memories from a life you're no longer existing in. The emotional pain is still there and so confusing, but it's so strong its palpable. I know I've shared my life with certain souls I have in my life today, it's amazing but so strange.
    but I also understand when Adam says he scared to see more, because oh my it's rough!

    much love to you all