He Had A Near Death Experience Due To EXCRUCIATING PAIN!

He Had A Near Death Experience Due To EXCRUCIATING PAIN!

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Present day Visitor is Michael J Tamura . Michael experienced 5 near death experiences. One of his NDE experiences is owing to a systemic gout …

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  1. Wow! What a great video.Great learning.I am sure I am going to watch it over and over for few times. Full of wisdom and he has a great smile. Please make him speak more and do a second interview. Great service Jeff. I subscribed.

  2. Wow what a great soul! You know that's the first I've heard of walk ins. I wonder… At least twice or three times or more I've had the experience where there is this crushing weight on my chest and it feels like someone is trying to get into my body. Once after he had passed my father tried that and my reaction was to actually fight him off. My aunt tried to enter as she left her body and i was able to encourage her to go to the light. She looked like a butterfly of light coming at me. Ive never really thought about that until today though the crushing experience was pretty frequent especially in my younger years. Anybody know what that is all about? Just curious.
    Also thanks for a fascinating experience again!

  3. Oh this is by far my favorite NDE.. He explained everything so well and I love that he talked about Walk ins. I’ve tried explaining others about walk ins and they didn’t understand now I can have them watch this video so they will understand. I feel so happy just listening to this amazing man he truly is a special soul.

  4. I remember when that happened about Anwar Sadat ! I knew he was a walk in! He came out of jail a noble soul. Terrible when he was assassinated. But he raised consciousness

    I laid my adopted child, who was 2 and a half down for a nap. He slept a long time…too long. My best friend was visiting. My sweet baby went down for a nap and a real bully came out of his room two hours later. It was not the same child. My friend knew it as well. It felt like my child had died and I never got him back. Later the Lord told me the second soul was unsure about finishing this life as he was not a nice person and so different than our family. He decided to finish his contract and dropped in when the baby was over two. I helped teach him about God to help him but I lived with a death of the first child no one knew about as the body still lived. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  5. Wow, only now have I come across this amazing guest! What a great way to go about life & death, just laughing it away. Contagiously joyful, soft as a feather and wise as a Tibetan sage atop the Himalayas. Gotta get hold of his book.Thank you very much , Michael & Jeff. Has there been a part 2 yet? Greetings from Brazil.

  6. 11:00 they're incredibly efficient in the way they talk They don't Babble on whatsoever and they say very few words to get their point across. I'm glad you made that point though because it makes my experience also validating. I'm so glad that you had these experiences for the sake of being able to explain some real good things I'm listening to your podcast twice ♥️