He Had A Conversation With God During His Near Death Experience

He Had A Conversation With God During His Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 459 is Kellan Flukiger who encountered God throughout his near-death experience.

Coming as a result of decades of despair, addictions, lifetime-threatening disease and a near-death experience, Kellan has develop into the supreme catalyst to help determined people soften obstacles, transfer mountains and mobilize superpowers to obtain their true wishes.

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  1. Ah! Always, the book! It's a pity because it seemed a good story until I heard that word, "book". Make money from something else, not from a spiritual experience , if you had one!

  2. This life death scenario is so similar to Eben Alexander’s. I mean Eben suffered an unexplained and sudden severe bout of bacterial meningitis which has a very poor survival rate in adults. He was also in an extended coma and was not expected to survive. I embrace your 4 truths Kellen.

    One thing I wish to inject about God’s answer of belief to realize we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. We’re born into complete ignorance. Cast into the chaos of life with severe amnesia, so to speak. We stumble around and are subjected to brainwashing by family, community, religion, etc,etc. some of us are drawn into dark corners. Others flounder about not sure what or why and more often then not, we die without a clue why we were born.

    Why does God, heaven and divine revelation require a near death experience? Is that in your book Kellen?

  3. I was scrolling through Jeff's videos, asking Jesus to point me to the right one. This was THE MOST RIGHT ONE of all I could have listened to tonight. This theme of what I think of myself, have been presented to me for about the past week, and it keeps on coming. I've read old afterlife-stories written by mediums, and the same theme also emerged there: one's own context, concepts and thoughts can hold you back from developing, moving on, going higher, growing, expanding and developing. The message are being brought home well.
    Thank you very much Kellan and Jeff, this was brilliant.

  4. I dunno, I'm pretty leery of such NDE stories in general, especially referencing any personification of 'Creator,' especially while pitching books. I'm anti-religious and helplessly suspicious that the NDE "God-Light" phenomena (and all associated religious figures) represent a malignant love-bombing control device, a 'Soul Psy-Ops,' intent upon keeping as many 'fishies in the net' as possible, permanently trapping us in endless horrid amnesiac incarnations. Those who won't 'play' get 'stuck' as Earth-bound quantum-wraiths or sent to an Astral Holding-Tank. Prison planet, blah blah blah, you know the story. (I'm just sunshine and farts, life of the party; with all the charm of a rectal polyp).

    But I can't help but like this guy, he's kinda nuts but clearly sincere. And pleasingly fierce (normally I don't dig that personality trait in people). He's been flayed, scathed and essentially nuked; few would survive that, but he came roaring back, cast in Iridium and apparently kicking darkness's ass. You gotta admire that. I'm gonna have to check to see if he's real.