He Experienced Waves of Ecstasy During his Near Death Experience

He Experienced Waves of Ecstasy During his Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 215 is Eugene Braxton. Eugene obtained trapped at the bottom of a lake and experienced a near death experience. During his NDE experience he encountered God and other worldly beings.

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  1. You need to do a Part 2 with this one. I was upset that he didn’t have time to finish. He was so interesting! Some of what he said, I have heard elsewhere. He’s kind of like a mystic and I don’t doubt that this experience affected him to think that way.

  2. ♥️♥️♥️ Very interesting man. And I've always had a great love for bodies of water and swimming. (I'll be more careful around that muck at the bottom of lakes and rivers though!)

  3. Jeff, thank you, great sharing. Just one detail that is sometimes a little bothersome. I am fluent in english but it's not my mother tongue. I find in this video in particular that the audio is difficult and I missed a lot of what Eugene has shared, like a lot of the end of the sentences are kind of muffled. Is it possible to try to figure out a way to have it clearer and have people speak closer to their device or microphone? Thank you!

  4. Oh my God.! Eugene, I'm typing as l listen, and willing you to call out to Jesus! When you said your organs were shutting down l thought How is he going to come back to his body with No one around to rescue him..! This is frightening and I'm Sooooo sorry for what you went through…. Hi Jeff, ❤

  5. Re: the Spirit body and time and space..
    Whenever there is deviation in one’s levels of consciousness, there is also and always a deviation or change in the physiology of ones invisible spirit body..and at the same time, acting as a triad…there is also a simultaneous deviation in dimensional space and time, and if you know that . .that’s All you need to know