He Experienced “No Time” In His Near Death Experience | Daniel Berdichevsky Near Death Experience.

He Experienced “No Time” In His Near Death Experience | Daniel Berdichevsky Near Death Experience.

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He Skilled “No Time” In His Near Death Experience | Daniel Berdichevsky Near Death Experience.

This is section 1 of Daniel Berdichevsky’s Near Death Experience tale!
Url to element 2: https://youtu.be/yNgN1pEWW7s

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  1. The movie Flat liners from the early 90s did just that. Stop each other’s heart with a defibrillator and have a NDE experience and shock their heart back to normal rhythm before they really died. It’s very dangerous.

  2. Can I ask you all a favor? PLEASE PRAY FOR NORTH KOREA. We have forgotten about the North Korean citizens and the unimaginable horror of a reality they have lived for decades. China is supporting North Korea in the name of
    Communism. The American government does not want you to talk about what is going on in North Korea. For a deeper insight listen to Yeonmi Park on the Joe Rogan Podcast on Spotify. We CANNOT ignore this! (Thank you for the video. I do not mean to be disrespectful with my off-topic comment just asking for awareness & prayers my heart is crying for these people).

  3. Telling tall tales warms the heart, but I hear no evidence, now it's OBE's and UFOs. I'd like here from the nurses and doctors. I'd like these stories investigated. I'd like to hear from other cultures that have had their OBEs, if any. I don't mind keeping an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out. Sorry, but I'm skepical.

  4. Thank you for these interviews and sharing with us Melissa. I believe this is the way forwards to Unifying humanity spiritually. The more people get these experiences out there – the better. The Spirit blows where it will. Thank you Daniel for sharing your experience. Greetings from Ireland.

  5. There is absolutely no time in OOB experiences either. I've had several OOB experiences and one of them proved the "no time" thing to me. I was walking down the porch steps at my Motherinlaw's house at about the 6th step & suddenly heard a rifle shot in the woods to my left & I moved my head in that direction & wondered if a hunter might have killed a deer. Then suddenly, I found myself drifting in the air in the woods & came directly upon a large buck which was dying from a gunshot wound. I was above him & looking all around him even inside. I saw that he had 8 points but one had been broken off. He was old & had darker blotches on him. I felt very sorry for him & hated that he had been shot by a hunter. Then the deer talked to me without words. He made me know that it was NOT a sad time or a bad time & that it was ridiculous for me to feel that way. That "death" was a good thing—just as good as life. Then suddenly ; I found myself back in my body and saw that I had one foot on the step and the other off the step in the air about to come down on the lower step. My excursion had lasted in half step ! But while I was there OOB ; it felt like I had been there 5-10 minutes.

  6. Daniel, you were those King's and powerful figures on earth. You have set corruption's in motion here on this suffering planet.

    I have done the same. I have had a similar OBE. I didn't understand that I was being shown my other lives at the time, but over time I have recognized the same energies and patterns of, in my case, self righteousness at play in my self.

    There are many levels to everything, but it is the same. Same soul, same tendencies, same path, but different situations as we advance along the path.

  7. Simply amazing. I just thought though… maybe we're just really, really lost Souls stranded far from home, because we did so many things to distance ourselves from this heavenly realm, now we really don't know how to get back there. NDErs tend to say they had to go back against their will. Maybe that's because we have to try to fix all of the shit we have done throughout the ages… but it's not working, we've created such a mess here, the Planet is dying and so are we, we suck at our job (we should really be peaceful stewards and gardeners but we've "become death, the destroyer(s) of worlds", like in the Bhagavad Gita, like Oppenheimer stated with regards to us building atomic bombs. Like, it was an Experiment but it went bad over time. Life is too strange for me as a human to comprehend it. Great interview regardless, at least I was able to load up on some HOPE.

  8. This may be a heavy topic to discuss but i wonder about suicide and how one battles those thoughts and what generally is the view on such a heavy topic through a spiritual/nde lens. Personally I've been in a major depression and battling these thoughts everyday and it's so hard to imagine a future as i dread it due to difficulties which only seem to be getting harder and harder (dealing with some pain related issues). I grew up in a fundamentalist church which really hurt me I've come to realize on my views of God and spirituality in general. (Very fear based beliefs and cult like behaviors)

  9. God keeps showing me that this life and the things beyond this life is very much normal. He’s helping me put the bible into a reality in which i can personally understand

  10. Oh wow! I can see the blue green orb above his head hovering by the ceiling!! I’m kidding of course. His telling of his experience was excellent! But kinda makes you feel like we’re being punished by being sent here.