Harvard Doctor’s Near-Death Experience Into The Afterlife

Harvard Doctor’s Near-Death Experience Into The Afterlife

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Afterlife Television set: I’m enthusiastic to revisit Dr. Eben Alexander’s incredible near-death experience when in a coma. If you are not familiar with this now-well-known Harvard and Duke linked neurosurgeon, this is a single of the most persuasive near-death experiences of our time. A scarce sickness produced this doctor incapable of hallucination and imagination during his coma, which is why even skeptical experts have taken a next seem at Dr. Alexander’s afterlife experience.

Sign up for me in watching or listening to this in-depth interview (on online video) in which we focus on what this neurosurgeon discovered about lifetime after death, life’s correct intent, moreover comforting and hopeful messages spoken with these types of articulation and eloquence that you are going to be mesmerized by his phrases. Pulled from the vault, I listened to this just lately below the paradigm of new world wide conditions and could not believe how acceptable and required Dr. Alexander’s message is for each individual a person of us ideal now. Even if you know his tale, you will feel like you are hearing it for the first time.

With a boatload of love, Bob Olson

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  1. Great interview — as usual!!!  Glad the 'other side' worked through a 'scientist' in this case to get the message out to more people!!!  I believe these type of experiences and what we would do with them was 'planned' before coming here.  Some possibly many of us probably insisted we get some of these experiences in our life.   I am 'thankful' for mine!

  2. Thank you for sharing.much love and gratitude.why some people have an agonising death experience and with their tongue out completely after death? I hope you answer my question.Greetings from Egypt.❤❤

  3. Beautiful experience! I just need to understand something a little better. Did he say we don't get to be with our adoptive family also when we die? I had an adopted sister and I would hate if I wasn't able to be with her 🙁

  4. First I want to say that it's nice to see faces here!! This came at a good time. I need the comfort of knowing there is an afterlife and that here on earth is not all there is. I've lost a lot of loved ones in my life including two brothers but more recently January 23rd, my youngest son who died from a fatal does of fentanyl and xylazine. The only thing that gives me any comfort is believing in the afterlife. Thank you Bob for this show and also to Dr. Eben Alexander for his willingness to share his experience.

  5. Hello again Bob. It's been a long time since i visited your channel. My wife's father just recently passed away on the 14th. It Got me back into watching NDE's and other similar video's. I was just scrolling through my subscriptions and i came across yours and remember watching you years ago. Thanks for your continued putting out of videos.

  6. Just newly subscribed to your channel. I was curious about NDE and i just recently purchased your book on Amazon. My husband passed away last September. He had sepsis, and because he's diabetic and had kidney failure that made it difficult to survive. He was so sleepy that he fell fell into a coma for 2 weeks before he died of multi organ failure. I was so devastated, we had had our last goodbyes.. i dont know if he is at peace. If he knows what happened to him or if he really is his time.. I'm so heartbroken with grief. I love him so much that I am grieving deeply. These NDE experiences from youtube gives me comfort. I had a dream weeks ago that i saw him in a garden with other people we talked and i asked him if he's doing his dialysis and he told me, no… i don't do dialysis here. I think he's in heaven… but in that dream i wasn't aware that he's dead already.