Gregory Shushan – Near-Death Experience and the Origin of Afterlife Beliefs

Gregory Shushan – Near-Death Experience and the Origin of Afterlife Beliefs

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Near-Death Experience and the Origin of Afterlife Beliefs — Gregory Shushan, 2016 IANDS Conference

Whatever their source (biological, psychological, and/or metaphysical), NDEs are unquestionably part of human experience. While they share similar themes wherever they occur, no two descriptions are exactly alike. As with any experience, NDEs are filtered through our layers of culture, language, and individuality. The interpretation of the phenomenon as indicative of survival after bodily death, however, appears to be universal. Accounts from around the world and throughout history show that NDEs regularly impact beliefs about the afterlife, despite cross-cultural differences. This presentation addresses their role in the formation of afterlife beliefs; the relationship between NDEs and cultural expectations; and the varying modes of interpretation and assimilation of these experiences in different societies. The argument that NDEs are a driving force behind religious beliefs aligns well with the conference’s focus on the transformative aspects of NDEs, and how they are integrated into people’s lives.

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  1. Africa is the birthplace of religion and spirituality . It's sad that he was taught to only looking at Africa through a peephole. That's the scope of his understanding of Africa and he's like 100s of millions of people around the world. To have a very limited and negative perspective of African people and their culture. So much is hidden. This, ladies and gentlemen, is part of what's wrong with our world today. We do not know each other very well.

  2. I know it’s petty….but bce and ce, the “common era” still divides a little over 2,000 years ago. At the time of Christ!

    I know that there is an afterlife. Isaiah saw the Lord, St John saw the Lord, St Paul saw Heaven, of course there is an afterlife, the Bible is clear on the matter.

    Why can’t we just say BC and AD? Someone who is trying to prove what the Bible has been saying all along shouldn’t work so hard to remove divinity from our culture. Sorry, rant over.

  3. he will be harassed by Christian
    fundamentalists very soon. Isn’t that funny that there is no one that comes back from an NDE Saying: “God told me or Jesus told me that if you don't accept Jesus as your savior you are going to hell'. Or tell them that they can only go to heaven trough Jesus.” That is really scary for these Radical Christian, and they get angry that is why they post these hateful messages, they are no different than the people that put Christ on the Cross, because he was not telling them what they wanted to hear. Yes and a snake talked to Eva, and Eva talk to the snake, isn’t that laughable and an insult to the intelligence and wisdom of God. Wait and the Earth is only 6 thousand years old, and God created the universe in six days. And the bearded man with the son Jesus they are both sitting on the throne, waiting for us. Actually now God is nothing anymore because Jesus the Son told us that we can only go to the father if he agrees, so, he is in charge now and God has no power anymore. Dogmas are the true evil against spiritual understanding.
    These are the people that Jesus warned his disciples not to reveal his hidden teachings to narrow minded people, you know: do not reveal the pearl to the swine or they will kill you.

    By the way I do believe in Jesus and that he is just a son of God just has we all are. Jesus didn’t need to reincarnate, he already reached is freedom from reincarnation in the past. He volunteer to came to fulfill his mission for the benefit of Jews. The bible was written for uneducated people living in a desert That is why Jesus had to resort to say things in parable to the crowds because they were not intelligent enough to understand his esoteric message and the bible is written the same way in addition it has been misinterpreted and lost through the dark ages. And Jesus yes did teach his disciples about incarnation.
    It was declared Heresy in the year 553 AD by a bunch of egoistical drunk men. Once you understand the true teachings of Jesus you realize that there is no different between the teachings of Buddha, Krishna, and others, there is only one God and one truth. There are thousands of testimony of people that remember their past incarnation. And if even one is true then incarnation is real. The
    story of the boy James Leininger (He was a pilot in WWII) is just one of them. Google it.

  4. This lecture needs to be added to every high school curriculum as science or history, not religion. The experience of having an NDE in today's world often leads one to become a charismatic and spellbinding speaker, intent on spreading 'the word', often via YouTube. I often wondered if stories if paradise New Testament literature had their genesis in two NDEs, one for the Jesus figure and one for Paul.

  5. Are there any people who have a real NDE and done Psychedelics and can distinguish the difference in their experience with God? I also think NDE is always positive where as psychedelics out of body are easier to be in a negative experience. Hope someone can comment or offer more resources I'm very interested in understanding

  6. Is it possible that these ancients took tons of psychedelics instead? I feel like there's a huge difference of NDE and people who experience plant medicine psychedelics like ayuascha. Like NDE today it sounds most go straight to source of God but psychedelic is really exposing to earthly realm spirits who try to represent themselves as Gods. Also psychedelics is more widespread in a culture and easier to recreate than NDE are individual experiences and the ones nowadays. I just think it's important to know the difference of DMT out of body experience of ayuascha compared to real NDE.