God Revealed Choices To Her During Her Near Death Experience – Jessi DiConti 415

God Revealed Choices To Her During Her Near Death Experience – Jessi DiConti 415

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Podcast visitor 415 is Jessi DiConti. Jessie experienced 2 near death experiences. Her NDE experiences were 2 days in a row! Jessi DiConti, US Military Veteran and latest Audio and Promoting guide from Nashville, TN.

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  1. This is awesome! I know what she says is true. The best one for me so far. Thank you Jeff for your podcasts, I love them. I have nearly finished my own book on all the miracles in my life. I have heard God and all the messages I hear from these podcasts match the messages I have heard.

  2. Wow what a beautiful soul. Had tears in my eyes hearing her words and her passion is stunning. This is one of the very few stories I will come back to. If she reads this, if you ever have another could you please give a hug to my mum and grand mother please? They are waiting for me but I know I've got work to do down here before going home!

  3. What we see as evil in this world is the effect of distorted perception, of minds entranced by illusion. The awareness of love’s presence is blocked when we project our illusions onto the world, onto each other, and on God. Fundamentally speaking, we are all here to remove the blocks. Forgiveness is the means, and the Holy Spirit is the teacher of forgiveness. Be still, take the inward step, and listen.

  4. This was a nice share, but when you say serial killers are going to heaven, then you lose my support. Unless they repent, they will not go to heaven. Yes, God loves them, but they must repent!

  5. The normal human response or reaction has anger and revenge at it's core. To divide everything up between Love or Fear and then ask what would Christ choose… I believe Jessie reflects that certainty of Love. Unconditional Love is what we all wish someone would have for us, yeah? And that is a 'do unto to others as we would want them to do unto us' lesson. This is the school of hard knocks. If we give what we would want in return it's simple. Not always easy, but ego's come in all shapes and sizes. Thank you Jessie and Jeff for a great talk. This is a blessing and balance to the world news. In fact this is what the world needs. Keep adding light! Aloha

  6. Heres a theory to ponder about..

    We were born in sin. But why in sin? Because Eve and Adam ate from the apple of the tree of good and evil? But what really is this tree? This is where my theory comes in…

    The tree of good and evil is earth and the apple in it…

    When we, the perfect souls living eternal lives in a perfect world, heard of a new world that God created, that would allows us to experience something new, many of us out of curiosity chose to be a part of it and therefore decided to chose this vessel we are in to experience this life.

    Once again..
    The vessel we are in is the apple from the tree and the earth is the tree; God created all of it.

    Unfortunately, this world we are in was damaged by lucifer, who was thrown/rejected out of heaven, because he became rebellious against God.

    We the souls who have lived a perfect eternal life became curious about knowing what his tree was all about and decided to come into this sinful vessel to have the experience that we could have never had in heaven.

    We are living in the Tree that God forbidden us to try but because God is so merciful He sent His only son who sacrificed Himself for our sins…
    Meanwhile God continues to love us UNCONDITIONALLY… until we meet again, where we belong.

    How's that for a theory?

  7. 31:10 I grew up in Eastern Mysticism but with 1950's mainstream ethics/morality. The beliefs of mysticism were shifting sands, what was wrong today was right tomorrow according to the person's goals. This "dishonesty" led me to be persuaded not by people to become Christian, but because the truth in Christianity was self evident. I worshiped among "Bible thumpers". I out grew that, but they did not.
    Jessi's experience and many similar ones clarify many things in the Bible, for example, Apostle Paul "I knew a man in Christ more that 14 years ago, whether IN THE BODY or out, I do not know…..such a one was taken to the third heaven….:. Honest near death experiences bring passages like this sharply into focus as to what they signify unlike any preaching could ever do.
    God is love, on this hangs all the law and the prophets.
    So far as hell goes. Jesus said "Fear not man, but fear He who is ABLE, to cast both body and soul into hell. He did not say "WILL or SHALL cast into hell, but is able. For those who have had hellish NDEs , God knew that is what that specific person needed in order to become a loving believer in God.
    Jessi's NDE is the REAL DEAL, she could have fantasized things that she did not experience, but she did not.
    To summarize, yes I am still Christian, but when I am fully open and honest with people, they don't want me around, I am regarded as a fool, a heretic amongst them, so I stay out of their way.
    Jessi's is the best, most inspiring NDE that I have heard in a long time, and I have listened to hundreds of them Thank you!