Former Buddhist Monk Says We Can Have NDE Experiences Without Dying – Mahesi Caplan 335

Former Buddhist Monk Says We Can Have NDE Experiences Without Dying – Mahesi Caplan 335

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Podcast guest 335 is Mahesi Caplan. Mahesi is a previous Buddhist monk who suggests that we can have near death like experiences with no dying. He claims that the veil can be penetrated.

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  1. I've experienced something like an NDE, visiting a heaven-like place with flowers that sing, birds that eat from my hand, a beautiful music in the air, and colors that cannot be explained here on earth. These things I see sometimes when I lucid dream and travel to other worlds in my spirit body. I can fly! You can too if you relax and float off from your bed.

  2. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.
    Patient endurance
    Peace that passes all understanding..
    Born again. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.
    Wisdom….with God nothing is impossible. Love conquers all.
    Three cord union..

    TRUST …..surrender.

    Rinse and repeat…..

    Thank you for this!

  3. I was a Buddhist monk in at least TWO past lives (Nepal and Tibet) and in one of them, I still remember meditating on the Bardo as I died. I loved this interview. When I had a dramatic OBE in 2000 and was to the right of my physical body, it changed my life. I realized that my body has NOTHING to do with who I am. I was still me…outside of it. It was fascinating. I think it's Tibetan Buddhism that teaches meditation with your eyes slightly open, but I find it too distracting. I prefer my eyes closed.

  4. If the self doesn't reincarnate, but karma does, then our bad & good habits keep impacting the world after death? Is there a self? Or is this personality but a facet of our greater Soul? What are we — expressions of One perhaps? What is our destiny?

  5. Wow Mahesi your words have so much wisdom to be explored, absorbed and experienced as truths than superficial concepts..for a meditator this is very profound and deep..I loved the point that you made that when we feel the body we are actually not experiencing the body but the sensation of it..not the ribcage or liver but the sensation of it..the fact that the body is inside the mind and not the otherway profound truths..

  6. NDEs are descriptive of a transitory state. That is why they are different for each individual (though they may share some overall characteristics). The transitory state is hallucinatory. What actually 'survives' death is so detached from your current experience that it is for all practical purposes not 'you'. The light? That everyone talks about? It is indeed very loving. It loves you just like you love a hamburger. You disintegrate into it. You become it. Think of yourself now as a TV show. What you become after death is the static white fuzz between channels. It is neither a good nor bad state. It simply Is.

  7. I've experienced NDE type experiences from meditation myself. I've seen various lights and one time I focused and willed myself to go through the white pin prick of light and all of a sudden I was whooshing through this white space. I immediately was frightened because of the intensity at which I was moving. I opened my eyes and the experience ended. I couldn't believe what had happened, I tried it again another day but couldn't get to that same state I was in. I know we have the power to leave our bodies at will. I believe the practice has been lost over the centuries. I believe we used to know how to astral travel and visit different places but that knowledge was lost and watered down over the ages. Plus I'm sure the pyramids were involved in astral travel some how as well.

  8. This is my top favorite podcast out of all the shows I've seen so far. Because it resonates so deeply for me. I have been practicing meditation for 25 years and Kundalini Yoga for 3 years. The descriptions and words of Mahesi Caplan resonate so much with me. I wish I would have listened to my heart and Higher Self after I had my Kundalini Awakening experience. After that experience I had a great desire to go over seas to live with the monks in the monastery(Tibet). Also I wanted to then make my way to India and learn the teachings and ways of the Yogis. Then go back to the U.S. and teach what I learned. So for anyone reading this please follow your heart and Higher Self and don't miss that calling or you will regret it the rest of your life.

  9. No judging nor hate here, it's my loss but sorry it was hard to follow, confusing terminology, I might be harsh but trying to use words that are far from "simplicity" resulted in overcomplication. I got the general idea but could not watch to the end…

  10. YES!!! First of all I’ve this channel. It’s awesome
    E and validating. I’ve spent my life sharing and teaching about what people are sharing in NDEs but from cosmic memory and connection, without having an NDE. I’m thankful for this broadcast. It’s all so validating. Then you and YES!!!