FedEx Delivers Message From The Afterlife

FedEx Delivers Message From The Afterlife

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Melissa joins me this week—Yay! This week’s episode is a story of a few after-death communications that our listener, Bradley, received from his son, Justin. Bradley shares some amazing signs Justin sent from the spirit entire world, like an absolutely amazing indication involving a FedEx supply man. Melissa and I discuss the importance of these soon after-death communications and discuss about signs from spirit that are the simplest for spirits to mail.

In addition, Melissa shares a modern experience she had similar to a lifetime-in between-life regression and an Adele tune! I also browse an excerpt from my book, Solutions of the Afterlife, regarding “The Greatest Way To Speak To Your Loved Ones Who Have Handed.” There is so a great deal in this article, you really don’t want to miss out on this episode!

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After all over again, all the beautiful pics are courtesy of Melissa. Until finally subsequent time… A lot adore, Bob Olson ~ &

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  1. That man's story… brought me to tears. My Dad passed away last month and although there were many signs and help from him, I miss him greatly. The permanence of death is what gets you.

  2. But Bradley will see his son again, he had an amazing experience proving that Justin is still around and will be when Bradley crosses over. Anyhow, sorry for his loss, but that Fed Ex experience by itself should at least, give him hope?

  3. Wow guys! I related to this discussion in so many ways. My only child passed away in 2012 at age 23 from cystic fibrosis. For several days afterward I picked up on signs that she used to try and communicate from the other side. For instance, my husband and I traveled up north for a planned memorial in her honor and was staying at his sister's house. We were set up in her living room and was preparing to turn in for the night. Directly after turning off the lights and getting comfortable on the blow up bed, I heard a knick knack (ceramic butterfly) fall off the top shelf of a cabinet sitting right next to us! When we returned back home, on 2 separate occasions I heard an object fall off of the counter in our bathroom. I had this powerful feeling it was her trying to let us know she was with us in spirit. Thanks so much for making these podcasts and I especially enjoyed the fact that you worked on this one with your wife.

  4. Bradley, I hope you're reading this. Thank you, so very much, for having the courage to share your story. My hearts breaks for you, listening to the pain in your voice. How very Blessed you are that you know (not believe) that your precious child was communicating with you and letting you and his Mother know "I'm home". I take that to mean two things: 1) he's safe and sound in his heavenly home and 2) he will always be around you and your wife in your/his earthly home. I don't think any words can ease your pain and suffering but know that you and his mother WILL see him again. Blessings, Patricia

  5. I share your program, with as many people as I can. I tell them that you used to be a "Private Investigator ".
    Who knows what God has planned for our futures. It was definitely fate; you have the personality and the compassion; that makes you the right person to connect with millions of people ,all over the world. So thank you for being an incredible host ; as I know millions of us will continue to listen to these beautiful podcasts. Nice to hear from you Melissa as well.

  6. I listen to all the shows. They are part of my daily routine and I am always happy when there is a new one. I could not have healed so fast without them. No worries about being absent from the shows Bob. I need to buy the books and read them anyway. thank you and Melissa for being. The gentleman on the show has all of us with him.
    happy writing.

  7. Great story! A similar one told to me by my neighbor, who's mom passed away several years before and she was thinking of her mom at the time. She went into a new-to-her coffee shop in another town. The barista asked for her name to put on the cup and before she could say her name, the barista said "I put the name "Nick Name" on your cup. I don't know why. is that OK?" My neighbor was blown away as that was the "Nick Name" that only she and her mother knew about, and not the kind of name you would call a stranger. Thanks for all of your enlightenment!

  8. Bob, I love the connection between you and Melissa. Fun to hear you guys laugh and talk. I’ve been in a negative/angry place lately and bad things keep happening to me. Small things but they add up. You have inspired me to be positive and open to great things happening. That’s a pretty amazing thing. Thank you.

  9. Omg! This episode is for me. After my husband passed i thought i could have love him more or do something more. But i know i did love him and did my best to take care of him. Im not rushing to die, but i don't want to stay longer on earth. I am ready to meet him again.