Ex Criminal Changes After His Near Death Experience

Ex Criminal Changes After His Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience podcast guest 564 is actor and writer Jack W. Gregory who during his NDE experience went to hell for 4 minutes. Immediately after his near death experience he transformed.

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  1. Jack, as well as all of us, are greatly blessed to have so respectful, gentle, faithful, loving and powerful a Friend in Jesus. Where Jack "went", or Saw, was the Outer Darkness Jesus spoke of. He wasn't dead yet, still in his body in the hospital bed and perceived this, but he could see the spiritual darkness he had been living in already. The being hovering at the door was a demon waiting for him to actually die so he could drag him to actual Hell. Because Jesus was also there protecting him, the demon didn't dare draw close. It was a toss up who would win Jack's soul, the demons or Jesus. As soon as Jack asked Jesus for help, then He could save him. The Divine waits for our permission. Had Jesus not been at the foot of the bed, the demon surely would have been, leering at him. All his delusions were thought implantations by the demons (as are many). As soon as Jesus took charge the demon was banished as well as the delusional thought patterns.

  2. That kangaroo court was a bunch of demons impersonating people Jack knew in order to crush him further with more guilt, It was no more real than the "apocalypse" Jack had "started" that was "killing everyone". Satan (Adversary) has been called "the accuser" as this is one of the ploys used by the demons to break down spirits and elicit more negative emotions which they feed upon and use to empower themselves. Satan was also called "the father of lies" by Jesus.

  3. He's learning the Gifts of the Holy Spirit correctly – by humbly Asking God for guidance however He gives it and following it, This is 180 degrees opposite of people who try to acquire psychic powers in order to enhance their own personal lives or out of curiosity without the collaboration of God. Praying to God (Asking) is so much more effective and productive of good, Real growth instead of "affirming" one is psychic or a perfected, ascended being already.

  4. Wow I did not know you could not even pray in a UK hospital. Half or even most of the hospitals here in America are religious hospitals, with a chapel inside where they hold service for anyone who wants to worship. The three hospitals were I live are all religious. Two Methodist hospitals and one Catholic. They have crosses and stuff out in the courtyard and everything

  5. im sorry but i gotta say it.

    interviewer: “why dont you just go right into your nde”

    guy: tells life story

    im not hating. im obv here bc im interested and i believe his story. just pointing out something i found silly about this video. plz dont morph this into an “anti” God comment. i believe in God and Christ. even though i dont feel ive fully have the true understanding of it all. i know in my heart God is real.