Evidence of the Afterlife? A Compelling and Hopeful Interview

Evidence of the Afterlife? A Compelling and Hopeful Interview

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Jane Moe had a shattered ankle. There were problems in the surgery that led her to see the other aspect, and opened interaction with the other facet for her forever. Her message of the existence of the afterlife and our family waiting for us is basically gorgeous. If you would like to know far more, make sure you browse her e-book: https://www.amazon.com/Visions-Heaven-Near-death-Experience-Eternity/dp/1462121918

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Proof of the Afterlife? The Compelling and Hopeful Job interview You can expect to Hear

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  1. All Christians when they die, their soul goes to heaven to be with Jesus Christ until the Judgement Day when Christ will return and reconstitute ashes of barried people and brought to life by uniting their soul with the resurrected body.Christ then will judge who will end up in heaven or burn in hell for eternity. NDE is just the initial process, Judgement is yet to come.Dont hold your breath!

  2. I think that there may be an afterlife and it’s possible to maintain consciousness but but this women says is bunk. She is a fake. Other accounts are more credible. A door to heaven ? What is that. !

  3. Hi universe I got covid 2 years ago before lockdown even started and it was untreated because i was let down by the medical doctors in my village in the U.K. here and now I have permanent lung damage with many bad symptoms always now. I really need a miracle to have a good life again and maybe a new job or lottery win haha please universe help me I’m only 29 and was healthy before this!

  4. She is the definition of sweet. She has a childlike innocent aura about her. She never lost her inner child. I feel happy joy just watching her tell her story….❤️❤️ This takes lucid dreaming to a whole new level…

  5. Bless all the bereaved parents posting here or even just reading comments. My son left our world for the next in 1979, so I've had a little more time to study and ponder about 'death'. I promise each and every one of you, that you will again be face to face, with your child, at the correct and proper time in the future. Death is the original big lie. It's not easy to develop, but eternal perspective is the key.

  6. This is an absolutely amazing, bone chilling account! I remember having dreams of beautiful babies that reminded me of my only child. This strange, unknown man would give it to me and I didn't want to hold it, but I didn't want to let it go. (I say it because I didn't know if it was a boy or girl baby and I wasn't conceiving one of my own) When I'd wake up when my husband was kissing me goodbye, I'd say don't squish the baby, it's sleeping next to me. He'd smash on the bed and say there's no baby in this house. When he got home from work, he tell me one of his nieces was having a baby.
    Now almost 20 years later, his cousin gives him an old photo of his father, I had never seen of him. I say who is this!??! Because it looks like that unknown man in my dreams, giving me the baby to hold. I know they'll never believe me. My husband told me his father was an atheist. I believe in spirituality and no particular religion, but I believe there is something greater than me out there.

  7. What an absolutely lovely lady. She's so beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing this incredible experience. And I love the gentleman who films these NDEs. He's such a gentle soul. Well done, Thank you! God bless you.

  8. I love watching these types of vids. So let’s by first saying I am not a skeptic. But I just had a thought came to me. Let’s just say a playful thought here! That is, when cave men where around, and before religious fever came about. Did some cave men have a possible near death experience. And if their vocabulary was limited and stressed by different concepts of expressions of ideas and symbols. Then what god did they encounter in there experience. And what about there ancestors before them who they might have encountered in the spirit world. Where they too dressed in lion clothes or some new fandango robe? Only there is misplaced concepts of values and deep cultural concepts of different times through the perceptions of each individual experience, being templated to one’s past program’s. Be that in there own life’s past, or a kind of ancestral memory that gets stimulated during these experiences. Just a thought!

  9. Brothers and sisters, I want to share with you the love message I received from God, two nights after I was cured of diabetes and kidney failure. I am a sinful woman, redeemed by the Grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I want to share it with you, because I am sure that the love the Lord has for me is the same for any redeemed soul. I received the message in a dream, hearing the Lord's voice. Two days before, I had found out that I was seriously ill, with diabetes and kidney failure, and I prayed to God to heal me, not for me, because I don't deserve it, but for my children, who were going to be left without a mother. The Lord healed me completely, that very day, when I prayed!! The message is this: I am so happy that you chose this and that you want to change something in your life. I appreciate that you had the courage to look for Me like that. You are so precious to Me and I LOVE YOU so much, you don't even know. You are in MY HAND, and no one and nothing will take you from there, and if someone wants to tear you out of MY HAND, they will not succeed. You will go through many trials, but I am with you. AND I AM YOURS AND YOU ARE MINE and I swear that I will never leave you! I'm glad I could share this miracle with you! God bless you all! Amen!!!

  10. I find this stuff fascinaing, i just wonder how we look to each other in spirit, if our body dies. This lady said she felt different in death, and when she talks of loved ones and family members, she describes she "saw" what flesh humans or spirits, how are they recognisable. It seems like some stuff is contradictory. Im sure there are senses and communication and knowing, that is just not available to us in life. Leaves you wanting to try to understand more. When you dont have faith alone, you tend to analyse the details more i expect.

  11. Not everyone goes to heaven. We have to believe in Christ as our Lord and Savior. The Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gives us our own will to accept Jesus. If we don't love Him and accept Him as Savior we would be eternally separated from Him.

  12. For God said please please don't make fake stories about NDE. I am not against NDE .but unfortunately some people make stories to earn money. Social media mixed up reality and fake. Nowadays it is too difficult to reach to the fact. Most of the informations in Social media are not fact ,they are just for earning money. I request people that please at least don't make money through sensitive topics like NDE and health related topics. There are many more ways to earn money. Don't play with sensitive topics. I lost my beloved mother on April 2022. My mother was my life l feel l lost my life.l live in third world country unfortunately my mother illness was not diagnosed correctly some doctor said dementia some said brain tb some cancer they all treat in their own ways till took her life. She became totally disable. l forgot myself l wasn't feeling my pain, my hanger, my sleep l was trying to save her.l know she was also wanted to live for me because she knew that how much l love her and l ll be alone without her.she suffered so much pain to live for me.one day before she took her last breath her heart rate went up to 233 and doctors said that she is in her lost moment. I cried and prayed mother don't go.a drop of tear rolled down her face. Then her heart rate became normal. Next day she vomit and started breathing hardly after 24 hours she took her last breath l cried and put my hand on her beautifully heart and said mother don't go then l saw her breath went up to 45 ,60.then came down again then l thought that my mother ll suffer if I don't let her to go. Then everything became zero.l feel regret that y l caused my mother to suffer y l didn't let her go easily. I really suffer my heart is full of pain l can't sleep right now it is 3 am. I am still awake. Due to depression and anxiety.l search for life after death. Due to fact information in social media it is too difficult to reach the truth.