Eternity: Where Do We Go From Here – Death

Eternity: Where Do We Go From Here – Death

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Section 1 of 4.
Created By: Denise Lodde, Michael Wright, and Magdalene John
The first installment of a 4 section series, Eternity: The place Do We Go From Below? Nowadays we go over the situation of death. What is dying like?
Highlighted IN REPORT:
Dr. Brian Stiller-President, Tyndale University, Faculty and Seminary
Todd Boylan-Paramedic
Joanna Rudnick-SIU Officer
Genevieve Carder-Shepherd Village Resident
Fred Underhill-Shepherd Village Resident
Ivy Prepare dinner-Shepherd Village Resident
Dr. Maurice Rawlings-Cardiologist
Gary Payne-Hospital Chaplain
Rick Ludwig-Funeral Director

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