Elizabeth & Neil Carman: Cosmic Cradle: Spiritual dimensions of life before birth

Elizabeth & Neil Carman: Cosmic Cradle: Spiritual dimensions of life before birth

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Who were you before the world told you who you should be? As the veil thins between dimensions, we discover natural memories of Eternity, heavenly beings, Heaven itself: “Don’t you remember before we came here, when we were all part of the One?” “I came from the Light.” “I saw Earth before I was born.” “I fell from the Sky.” “I chose you to be my Mommy.” “Was I placed with you and Dad when you were in a car?” Elizabeth and Neil Carman will present a talk that weaves together pre-birth memories, past-life memories, and NDEs. They will discuss how we are souls who exist before we were conceived, how we come from the Divine, and all loving, compassionate Intelligence, and how our life plan is part of a learning, an evolutionary journey, something our soul pre-selected, including an “exit” plan. Some select NDEs! They will also explore why people forget pre-birth, past-lives, and NDEs. Various theories offer insight into why clinical death is experienced with varying degrees of awareness (NDE) or unconsciousness.

Visit their website: http://www.cosmiccradle.com/

For more information on near-death experiences, visit http://iands.org
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  1. We existed for millennia before we were born and some people are gifted enough to remember this “past life” and very often confuse it to think they have “physically” lived before and “reincarnated”. However, while I firmly believe in a pre-existence- as spirit brings- and a hereafter… Reincarnation is NOT true. There is no such thing as reincarnation. Our physical bodies are unique, they’re not recyclable. Instead of a “reincarnation” we should focus more on the truth of a “Resurrection”. Jesus Christ showed us the way, the truth, he did not “reincarnate” or ever hinted such a thing. Rather, he expressed the importance of our physical body and often referred to it as the “temple of God”. Jesus Christ Resurrected! He did not “reincarnate” and, thus, recycle his body! and neither do any of us.

  2. I do believe in near death experiences and yes I am apart of a religion and I am sad than the NDE movement has taken up a new habit of bashing world religions , many who have an nde think they have figured it all out and religions are evil and stupid, and this s very unfortunate and turn many people off.

  3. An excellent presentation by the two of them and some very interesting content. I'm sure the book 'Cosmic Cradle' is excellent, I see plenty of 'stars' on Amazon for it. I'll get one when I have finished others in my reading 'queue'.

  4. I have felt like a freak my entire life for remembering choosing my father before my birth. Thank you for posting this video. I have had very clear, intact memories from before I was born forever. I remember thinking as a baby in my previous life how easy it was to stop breathing (I think I died from SIDS as an infant sometime in the 70's before this life) and for a while, I felt these memories were so real and so strong, I looked around for my previous mother because I remembered the pain she experienced when she picked me up when I wasn't breathing. –>then I was in front of "God" and chose the father & mother I had in this life –> then I was born into this life. I recall choosing a hard life because I wanted to show "God" how strong I was and how much I could accomplish. I was given the feeling that this was my last and final time on earth..and if I didn't accomplish a certain task, I wouldn't get to go back there. The memories described here are accurate with mine regarding "being with God and a sense of self or "my-ness" of self and a light between lives." And "all worries meant nothing and there was a sense of perfect unity." I have had these memories all my life so I'm hoping to find others with the same experiences. Since I was a kid I've been able to hear and see things that are going to happen before they happen. I wish I could use that to find my "past life mother." Chances are though, that there is not a website for mothers looking for their reincarnated children who happened to die as infants. :/ And then again, I could be completely incorrect and maybe I'm just nuts.

  5. I was talking to my mother about my granpa. I told her how i remember him when he came to our place on his bike and brougth a pie with him. I remeber it vividly.. every detail. After i went on for some time about it she stopped me and told me that i can't remember that.. i said why? She said when i was born he was already chained to bed for some years after suffering a stroke, he was immobile.. we were both petrofied. But i remeber it…. and she confirmed it happened but that was five years before i was born. So where was i? And to tell you honestly, i remember like a huge chunk of that time, like all of it including my infant and toddler days. And the memory is much clearer than my later years. How? I dont remember as such any previous lives.. perhaps because i never died? Or not 🙁

  6. I just wanna share that it is possible to experience consciously the state of being everyone and everything. It happened to me spontaneously at work few years ago. As i looked at the people around me in the shop where i worked i had an overwhelming sensation …. like i am all these people and it was what my mind could not cope with, it went into a frenzy shouting so loud : omg omg i am all these people. I must be kind to everyone, it's all me, meeeeee… and for the first time i was aware of ego. I am all this people is actually ego. I am everyone and everything but there is no i. Puzzling.. but it is true, the experience is real, i mean possible

  7. It seems like most of the folks who have these memories of picking their mothers, prebirth, chose mothers who were emotionally generous and loving, thus providing them with a nurturing environment in which to grow and thrive. So what about those of us who ended up with mothers who were very destructive to our emotional health because they traumatized us in numerous ways during our vulnerable, formative years? It doesn't make sense to me why someone would choose an emotionally crippled mother, who was unable to provide them with the necessary emotional nourishment that every child needs to become an emotionally healthy adult. Are some of us simply assigned these dysfunctional mothers as a spiritual learning experience, perhaps through the mechanism of karma? I hope I can get an emotionally generous one the next time around, that's for sure. I wouldn't wish my childhood on anyone. Cheers.