Eben Alexander and Karen Newell – Humanity’s Pathway to Oneness

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell – Humanity’s Pathway to Oneness

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Dr. Eben Alexander used above 25 yrs as an academic neurosurgeon, such as 15 a long time at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, the Children’s Clinic and Harvard Health care School in Boston. Above those decades he individually dealt with hundreds of patients struggling from extreme alterations in their stage of consciousness. Many of those sufferers had been rendered comatose by trauma, mind tumors, ruptured aneurysms, bacterial infections, or stroke. He imagined he experienced a very excellent strategy of how the mind generates consciousness, mind and spirit.

In the predawn hrs of November 10, 2008, he was driven into coma by a uncommon and mysterious bacterial meningo-encephalitis of unknown cause. He invested a week in coma on a ventilator, his potential clients for survival diminishing rapidly. On the seventh day, to the surprise of everyone, he started to awaken. Recollections of his lifetime experienced been wholly deleted inside of of the coma, however he awoke with memories of a excellent odyssey deep into an additional realm – far more genuine than this earthly a single! His older son recommended him to compose down anything he could recall about his journey, ahead of he study everything about near-death experiences, physics or cosmology. 6 weeks later, he finished his preliminary recording of his exceptional journey, totaling around 20,000 words and phrases in duration. Then he began looking through, and was astonished by the commonalities among his journey and so numerous some others reported all over all cultures, continents and millennia. His journey brought essential insights to the mind-body discussion and to our human being familiar with of the essential nature of reality. His experience evidently unveiled that we are conscious in spite of our mind – that, in fact, consciousness is at the root of all existence.

Karen Newell is an creator and specialist in particular enhancement with a varied body of function that rests upon the foundation of coronary heart-centered consciousness. Her personal advancement applications, workshops, guided meditations and teachings allow persons to reach daily life transformations towards increased self-achievement and contentment, excellent associations and selections aligned with one’s soul calling.

As an innovator in the rising field of brainwave entrainment audio meditation, Karen empowers some others in their journeys of self-discovery. Utilizing Sacred Acoustics recordings and other approaches, she teaches how to enter and engage with your inner environment to connect to direction, realize inspiration, enhance wellness and build instinct.

IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) business with a mission to advance an understanding of near-death and related experiences by way of research, instruction, and assist. We envision a long run in which all people embrace near-death and relevant experiences as a source of meaning and inspiration for a superior earth. We imagine a near-death experience can renovate an individual’s daily life, influence the sciences, and embolden culture. The International Association for Near-Death Experiments, (IANDS) engages in considerably far more than research right now. IANDS has associates from about the earth. We invite you to take into consideration becoming a member of IANDS. To discover much more about near-death experiences, go to iands.org.

✨ Sign up for the International Association for Near-Death Reports (IANDS): https://iands.org
✨ IANDS on line situations, groups and much more: https://isgo.iands.org
✨ The following IANDS Meeting is Sept 2-5, 2022 in Salt Lake City, UT
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What is a NDE or Near-Death Experience?
A near-death experience (NDE) is generally a profound, existence shifting, intensely emotional experience that ordinarily occurs throughout a medical disaster and has frequent attributes and aftereffects. It is not a desire, hallucination, or mental ailment (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to identify who will have an NDE. They occur to men and women of all ages, religions, socio-financial groups, cultures, educational backgrounds, and perception devices. They arise below a wide range of conditions such as accidents, around-drownings, illnesses, combat, surgical treatments, and childbirth. Adhering to an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) often screen some prevalent aftereffects. Research has set up a set of typical NDE characteristics and long-expression aftereffects. Popular theories utilized to make clear near-death experiences have been tested insufficient by NDE researchers and other people.

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  1. These two are my favorites in this "industry". But I sure wish they would come out with new material. There is so much more to cover. Can we sometime get past the beginner level please!

  2. Why don’t you introduce the woman next to you before launching into your own presentation? The way things are presented is such a clue to respect, or lack of it. She just has to sit there as your side kick without acknowledgement. Such a relief when she speaks up strongly.

  3. The strange substitution of B.C. for B.C.E is as interesting as anything else our presenters said. And a clue for some genuine personal searching. Why is our era common? He must have brought something to the ancient world, what was it? How did he make an era? He has a name. Above all others as it happens.

  4. Dr Chastek's blog JustThomism is helpful to word-search on "mind" "body" "senses" "separated" "essence" "religion" "Christianity" "one" "many" etc. The problem with religious pluralism is an historical one, akin to to the medical history Dr Eben Alexander must summon about his NDE event. Either it happened or it did not. Either his testimony is reliable or it is not. Similarly either Jesus rose from the dead or he did not. Now the historical evidence of the latter can really can only be displaced by commitment to a prior transcending philosophy that will be doing meta-history over against what the manuscripts clearly testify to. I wouldn't do this to Dr Eben Alexander's account. John and Paul for example deserve the same. To claim this transcendent vision, this philosophy that judges between and over Christianity and the other world religions has to be claiming to be a vessel of superior revelation than God made flesh himself. That is, one has to claim a status superior to Jesus who was killed for claiming divinity. Reinventing Jesus is a temptation of every age. He made the 'yes' or 'no' for himself unmistakable if we are honest with ourselves. That is what total love looks like. The much more obvious synthesis is from the mystical tradition of the Church, starting 2 Cor 2:12 and working forward say. With the help of Dr Chastek. Though Dr Eben Alexander claims to possess vision penetrating enough to see through 'historical' religion to nuggets, the real mother lode he is careful only to insinuate – a philosophy flattering to exhausted consumers – needs to be much more subject of the same penetrating vision and scrutiny. By astonishing co-incidence it happens to flatter the rich and powerful walking around today. Jesus on the other hand is as always confronting to our native selfishness.